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Eurovision royalty Dami Im reveals details on her upcoming book 'Dreamer'

Image credit: Hachette Australia

Australian Eurovision royalty Dami Im has revealed details on her upcoming autobiography 'Dreamer'.

'Dreamer' is to be released on October 26 2022 and is now available for pre-order!

Dami's autobiography runs through her time on 'The X Factor Australia' in 2013, which she ended up winning, to her huge achievement at Eurovision 2016 coming in runner-up place with 'Sound of Silence', which remains Australia's best result in the Contest.

The 'Gladiator' singer has had a very busy few years, continually releasing new music and touring, with her fifth studio album 'My Reality' released in October last year. Dami gave birth to her son Harrison in May this year.

The statement about the book reads:

"Star of The X Factor and Eurovision Dami Im's story is as powerful and inspiring as her performances: fight for your dreams and never lose belief in yourself.

"Dami Im was an aspiring singer-songwriter and pianist when she auditioned on The X Factor in 2013. Mentored by Dannii Minogue, she would go on to win. From that time on, her life changed as audiences discovered her incredible voice and her electric stage presence.

"One of Australia's greatest musical talents, Dami is a long way from the girl born in Seoul who came to Australia on what she thought was a holiday only to find out, when she started school - not speaking a word of English - that she was here to stay. Throughout her high school and university years she fostered the talent and developed the skills that have seen her rise to the top of her profession and win a legion of fans who call themselves the Dami Army.

"Dami is a true artist - a technically great singer and musician - who has the respect of both the industry and her fans. But that wasn't enough to help her forge the path she wanted to be on. In the years since The X Factor she has seen her ambitions squashed and creativity not just ignored but discouraged. But with the 2021 release of her album MY REALITY she emerged as the artist she was destined to be.

"Dreamer is Dami's story of fighting for your dreams and never losing belief in yourself, of not compromising your values even as those around you try to make you. It will be the story Dami's fans have always longed to hear and which she is now ready to tell, so she can inspire others to not only dream but pursue those dreams through great challenges."

We cannot wait for the release!!


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