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Eurovision makes a splash in the Aussie Charts

Following the celebrations of last week it's now time to take a look at how our beloved Eurovision songs did in the world of Australian music. Over the weekend the official Eurovision compilation album 'Eurovision 2020 - A Tribute To The Artist And Song' stormed to #1 on the Australian Itunes Charts both on Saturday and Sunday. As of today it's still holding strong at #95.

Our golden girl Montaigne peaked with 'Don't Break Me' after Australia Decides climbing to a respectable #22 in the ARIA Charts and #8 on Itunes back in February. Let's have a look at how some of our nations favourites have fared:

Itunes - Australian Charts (highest position)

  • #8: Montaigne - 'Don't Break Me'

  • #43: Daði og Gagnamagnið - 'Think About Things' (Iceland)

  • #73: The Mamas - 'Move' (Sweden)

  • #96: Little Big - 'Uno' (Russia)

  • #97: James Newman - 'My Last Breath' (UK)

  • #132: Gjon's Tears - 'Répondez-moi' (Switzerland)

  • #173: Destiny - 'All Of My Love' (Malta)

  • #174: Lesley Roy - Story of My Life (Ireland)

Itunes - Australian Charts

  • #1: Eurovision 2020 - A Tribute To The Artist And Song (17/05/20)

  • #1: ABBA - Gold: Greatest Hits (12/05/20)

  • #32: KEiiNO - OKTA (15/05/20)

No surprises seeing Iceland jump to the front of the pack with 'Think About Things' after seeing them 'win' the Australian televote during Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! which aired last Saturday on SBS. They also stormed into the Australian Spotify Viral 50 at #11! Some of our longstanding televote favourites Sweden, The UK and Ireland also charted strong as per tradition.

It takes a bit to see our European counterparts and music in other languages crack the Aussie charts - it always makes me feeling good seeing our music spice up the nation. No doubt if given the chance to take the big stage we would have seen these songs do even better - nonetheless they will never be forgotten and will be kept alive by the fandom for decades to come! I am already putting together my flares and practising my knee wiggles for the next Eurovision party when we can be together again.

To keep up to date with what little news we are receiving from the Eurovision world follow @aussievisionet on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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