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Eurovision Fan of the Week - Damien from Melbourne

This week our Eurovision Fan of the Week is Damien from Melbourne via Tasmania (that's our second one in a row from the Apple Isle, must be something in the water down there!).

Damien has been a devoted fan for a long time and went to his one and only contest back in 2008 in Belgrade. Find out his views on Eurovision below, with a few comments form us along the way.

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Damien – I was born in Tasmania but I live in Melbourne.

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you? I am a Tasmanian WITHOUT 2 heads! Ha ha ha

When did you first get into Eurovision? In 2001. A friend (knowing I like pop music, charts and competitions) suggested it to me – suffice to say, I was hooked immediately and have been since.

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why? 2012. The quality of songs in that year’s competition was sensational.

If you could change one thing about Eurovision what would it be? This might be controversial but I wish the running order would go back to being completed with a random draw. I think the producers currently have too much influence in placing certain countries/songs in “better” running order positions and the audience are cluing onto which countries do well in semi finals by where they’re placed in the final. Random order was better, was fairer and added my mystery (IMO).

It's an interesting one isn't it, agree there is too much control but the randomness might not make great television... (and after all it is a TV show).... we can see both sides ~ Aussievision

Which artist would you like to see return to the competition? Yohanna from Iceland

If you could pick only three Eurovision songs to listen to for the rest of time, what would they be? TOUGH Calllll .. OK… “Euphoria” (Sweden, 2012)” & “Quédate conmigo” (Spain, 2012)” and “Heartbeats” (Latvia, 2016)

Some fine choices and you really did love 2012! 'Hearbeats' is brilliant and a big favourite of ours

Which Eurovision song:

Is the best winner?

“Eurphoria” (Sweden, 2012) or “Making Your Mind Up” (UK, 1981)

Has the best live vocal?

I was in the audience and was utterly blown away with “The Fire in Your Eyes” by Boaz (Israel, 2008).

Was robbed?

Dami Im. (Australia, 2016)

Is the best from this decade?

“Euphoria” by Loreen (Sweden, 2012), “I Feed You my Love” by Margaret (Norway, 2014) and “Fuego” by Eleni Foureira (Cyrpus, 2018).

The taste level here is very high

Is your guilty pleasure?

Not so guilty, I unashamedly play a lot of ESC songs. Ha ha ha

Any other interesting honourable mentions? I think Spain have sent some brilliant songs this decade and (in most cases) should’ve finished a lot higher than they have.

Agree - 2011, 12, 15 and 19 particularly.

Which artist would you like to see perform in Australia Decides? Let’s get Electric Fields back; “2000 and whatever” was a banger!

And finally... Tonight Again, Sound of Silence, Don’t Come Easy, We Got Love or Zero Gravity? “Sound of Silence”

Thanks for joining us Damien!


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