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Eurovision Fan of the Week - Bella from North Queensland

Fan of the Week is an opportunity to celebrate one of our wonderful community members who loves Eurovision just as much as we do (and sometimes even more!)

This week, we meet Bella (@austargirl) from North Queensland. We ask about her favourite Eurovision performances, what National Finals she likes to follow and, for the first time, to imagine her perfect Eurovision. Just you wait for what she's got in mind!

Thank you for being our Aussievision fan of the week, Bella! Tell us a little about yourself...

I live in North Queensland. Apart from Eurovision I also love doing puzzles, spending time with my family and any type of crafting. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education (Primary) and working full time as a School Officer/Teacher Aide and tutor. I have three amazing dogs, Yoda, Oreo and Leia.

Tell us about your journey to Eurovision fandom. Where did it all begin?

The first year I watched it as a full-on Eurofan was 2014, all alone at 5:00am in my study. Everything about Switzerland’s Sebalter cemented me as a die hard Eurovision fan until I die.

Well, the very next year Australia got to join as a competitor. What’s been your favourite Australian entry so far?

Definitely Dami Im’s 'Sound of Silence' (2016). Everything about her is amazing and I remember watching her on "X Factor Australia". I probably like her more than I like the song, but the song is still wonderful and she sings it beautifully.

What Australian artists would you love to see go to Australia Decides/Eurovision?

To be chaotic I want to say 5SOS but in reality my heart yearns for Kylie to represent us. She could make any song from her discography a Eurovision classic.

~A star befitting our beloved contest. All hail Queen Kylie. Also, I think 5SOS makes perfect sense. No chaos there! (Mark)

Who was your winner for Eurovision 2021? What made them special to you?

Basic b*tch here: my winner of Eurovision 2021 was Italy. Everything about their song is iconic and I loved it since I first saw it at Sanremo.

It sounds like you follow national final season. Which one do you look forward to the most? What makes it special to you?

I love seeing the theatrics of Sweden and how intense Mello is. Sanremo is something I’ve watched on and off since I was young thanks to my Italian mother. I love Eesti Laul and Supernova too!

If you could pick only three performances to encourage new people to watch Eurovision, which ones would you suggest?

Dang, this is a hard one.

  • Sweden 2012: 'Euphoria' by Loreen (basic again, but iconic!)

  • France 2016: Amir's 'J'ai cherché'

  • Norway 2019: KEiiNO with 'Spirit in the Sky'

Who's your pick for '22, Bella?

I honestly have no idea. I’d love to see Italy take back to back wins. I think this is going to be a great year for the Big 5 (not including Germany). Spain, UK and Italy might not win but I know they will all be up there in May.

~They're all in my Top 10 or so... except for Germany. (Mark)

Imagine for us your perfect Eurovision: where is it held? Who is competing? What dramas or controversies take place? Who wins?

Australia after Kylie takes it for us. Kylie hosting. No Big 5. Every country who has ever competed comes back. There are 3 semis with 8/9 qualifiers from each. Johnny Logan comes dead last, Sweden doesn’t qualify, Iceland is represented by Will Ferrell and a lip syncing Rachel McAdams and Flo Rida wins for San Marino.

~And chaos reigned. That's one helluva imagination you've got! Imagine the GCECC full to the brim at 5am on a Sunday morning broadcasting live to the world. Wild. (Mark)

Ok, the time has come for our rapid-fire series of questions. Ready, set, go! Which Eurovision song:

  • Is the best winner? Marie Myriam with 'L'Oiseau Et L'Enfant' (France, 1977)

  • Was robbed? 'Time' by Uzari and Maimuna (Belarus, 2015)

  • Is your guilty pleasure? 'No Prejudice' by Pollapönk (Iceland, 2014) and the Netherlands' 'Never Alone' by 3JS (2011)

  • Is your favourite National Final song? Electric Fields and '2000 and Whatever' (Australia, 2019), BWO's 'Temple of Love' (Sweden, 2006) and anything from Alcazar.

Have you dipped your toe into the American Song Contest yet? What do you make of it?

Kind of, I’ve listened to some of the songs but I have no desire to watch the shows. AleXa needs to win.

~She's in with a red hot chance, I think! (Mark)

What will you be doing to celebrate Eurovision this year? Getting up early to watch? Having a party?

Forcing my family to get up and watch it with me as usual. Mum and Dad are honorary Eurovision Fans but my sister takes a while to convince. We normally have a cooked breakfast and pancakes to celebrate after the final is over.

Bella, so lovely hearing about your love for all things Eurovision. That Sunday morning family viewing sounds so lovely. Save us a pancake?


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