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Eurovision artists attempting a comeback for Turin 2022

As the Eurovision 2022 season starts to take shape, a number of Eurovision are appearing in the line-up of many national selection shows.

It's a tough path to take, the last artist to win Eurovision on at least their second attempt was Dima Bilan back in 2008.

So can any of the artists who have put their hand up again get to the Eurovision stage (let alone take out the title!).

Let's take a look who is in the running so far...


Isaiah Firebrace

While the full artist list for Australia Decides has not been finalised, there is one former Eurovision artist that will be performing on the Gold Coast in February, for another shot at glory. Isaiah represented Australia at the 2017 Contest in Kyiv finishing in 9th place with 'Don't Come Easy'. For his 2022 Australia Decides entry he will be performing as part of a duet, however the other performer has yet to be named.

When announced as a competing artist he said, "When I first represented Australia at Eurovision in 2017, I was 17, it was my first time in Europe and I feel like everything was a blurry dream that went by so quickly - I’ve grown so much as a singer, a performer and as a person since then and I’ve definitely got unfinished business!"


Intelligent Music Project (Stoyan Yankoulov)

Bulgaria became the first country to release their artist and song that will be performed in May 2022. Six-piece rock act Intelligent Music Project's 'Intention' will go to Turin. The drummer of the band, Stoyan Yankoulov has previously competed at Eurovision twice, both times with vocalist Elitsa.

In 2007, in Helsinki, Elitsa and Stoyan finished 5th in the Grand Final with 'Water' which today is still a classic much adored by fans. Then in 2013, Elitsa and Stoyan represented Bulgaria again at Malmo with 'Samo shampioni' but unfortunately they missed out on qualifying for the Grand Final.


In the quarter finals of Estonia's national final 'Eesti Laul' 40 artists took part with five of them are former Eurovision artists. All five advanced to the semi-finals.

Evelin Samuel

Evelin represented Estonia at the 1999 Contest along with violinist Camille and finished in 6th place with 'Diamond of Night'. Evelin qualified for the semi-final with her song 'Waterfall' via the public vote.

Anna Sahlene

Although from Sweden, Anna represented Estonia at the 2002 Contest with 'Runaway' finishing in an impressive 3rd place. Anna has also sung backing vocals for many artists including Charlotte Nilsson in 1999 with 'Take Me To Your Heaven' and Dami Im's 'Sound of Silence' in 2016!

Anna Sahlene made it through the third quarter-final of Eesti Laul 2022 via televote with 'Champion'.

Ott Lepland

Ott competed in the 2012 competition with 'Kuula' which finished in 6th place in the Grand Final in Baku. His song 'Aovalguses' progressed out of the fourth quarter-final via the public vote.

Stig Rästa

Stig Rästa was one half of the duo with Elina Born in 2015's 'Say Goodbye to Yesterday' which finished 7th at the 2015 Grand Final. He qualified from Eesti Laul's first quarter-final with 'Interstellar'.

Elina Nechayeva

Elina's voice and dress wowed us all when she represented Estonia at the 2018 Grand Final in Lisbon with 'La Forza' (sung in Italian) and finished in 8th place. She returned to Eesti Laul with her song 'Remedy' which made it through to the semi-finals from the third quarter-final, also on televote.


Italy's hugely popular and iconic Sanremo Festival will be back in early February to choose the Italian entrant for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. 24 artists will compete, and there are some familiar names in the group, some having competed for Italy over 50 years ago.

Iva Zanicchi

Back in 1969, Iva Zanicchi represented Italy with 'Due Grosse Lacrime Bianche' in Madrid and finished in 13th place with five points. Iva will return in 2022 aged 82, but is no stranger to the Sanremo Festival having competed as recent as 2009 for a chance to represent Italy once again.

Gianni Morandi

1970 contestant Gianni Morandi will also return to the competition. Gianni last competed back in 1970 at the Amsterdam Contest where he sung 'Occhi Di Ragazza' finishing in 8th place. Gianni has had a prolific career having released multiple albums, dabbled in some acting and has also hosted Sanremo on several occasions.

Massimo Ranieri

Massimo Ranieri will also return to the competition for his chance to once again represent Italy at Eurovision. Massimo has previously competed twice, in 1971 with 'L'amore è Un Attimo' where he finished in 5th position and in 1973 with 'Chi Sarà Con Te' finishing in 13th.


Emma last represented Italy back in 2014 after being internally chosen with her rock song 'La mia città which finished in 21st place'. She will have another shot at representing Italy in February at the Sanremo Festival.

Fabrizio Moro

One half of the duo who competed for Italy in 2018 is Fabrizio Moro. He with Ermal Meta sung 'Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente' at the 2018 Contest in Lisbon and finished in 5th position. This time Fabrizio will compete as a solo artist at Sanremo.


There was quite a lot of buzz amongst Eurovision fans when 2019 Italian representative Mahmood was announced as an artist for the Sanremo Festival for 2022. Mahmood was the runner-up in the 2019 competition in Tel Aviv with 'Soldi' and remains a firm fan favourite.


In January and February, Lithuania will use Pabandom iš naujo! (three heats, two semi-finals and a final) to choose their 2022 Eurovision Song Contest representative. Of the 36 artists, there are four that have previsiously represented Lithuania at the Contest.

Ieva competed at the 2018 contestant where she performed 'When We're Old' finishing in 12th place in the Grand Final. Ieva is returning to Pabandom iš naujo! for her chance to represent Lithuania again with the song 'I'll Be There'. This will be Ieva's sixth time competing in Lithuanian's national final.

Erica Jennings

Back in 2001, Erica Jennings represented Lithuania as part of group SKAMP. Thier retro sounding song 'You Got Style' finished in 13th spot. Erica will have her shot to again go to Eurovision with her song 'Back to Myself'.

Vilija Matačiūnaitė

Vilija Matačiūnaitė competed for Lithuania back in 2014 at Copenhagen with 'Attention'. Sadly for Vilija, she just missed out by one spot on qualifying for the Grand Final. Vilija will bring her new song 'Šimtas vienas' to Pabandom iš naujo!

Monika Linkytė

Monika Linkytė was one half of the duo that gave us that famous kiss on stage back in 2015 with 'This Time'. For 2022 she is flying solo and will sing 'See You Again'.


Azúcar Moreno

Of the 14 artists announced to compete in the Spanish National Selection Benidorm Fest early next year, singing duo Azúcar Moreno are returning to again have their chance to represent Spain.

Azúcar Moreno (consisting of sisters Encarnación and Toñi), represented Spain in 1990 in Zagreb with 'Bandido' where they finished 5th in the Grand Final. Their appearance was marred by controversy however, as they were the first act of the evening, the backing track was not played in time, so the singers, orchestra and band all missed their cues to start and they were forced to start again (oops!). The duo have an impressive discography and career spanning over decades with over 3 million records sold worldwide.


Sweden recently announced the 28 artists to take part in the 2022 Melodifestivalen which will be held in February. Amongst the list are some very familiar names from previous Melodifestivalens, and three previous Eurovision contestants.

Robin Bengtsson

In 2017, Robin Bengtsson won Melodifestivalen and represented Sweden at the 2017 competition with 'I Can't Go On' which finished in 5th place in Kyiv. This time, Robin will return with his song 'Innocent Love'.

Anna Bergendahl

So can any of the artists who have put their hand up get to the Eurovision stage (let alone take out the title!). '. Anna unfortunately holds the title as the first and only Swede not to make it through to the Grand Final when her song 'This is My Life' just missed out on qualifying by five points in the 2010 Contest.

John Lundvik

Another artist that is no stranger to the Eurovision stage is 2019 Swedish representative, John Lundvik. John's song 'Too Late For Love' finished in 5th place in Lisbon, and he has also written for other Eurovision artists including United Kingdom (2019) and France (2020). He will bring his new song 'Änglavakt' to Melodifestivalen.

Stay tuned to our website for any updates on other former Eurovision contestants who will be competing in their national finals or will once again represent their countries.


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