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Eurovision 2024 Top 10 YouTube rankings

Eurovision 2024 is almost upon us and many fans are busy trying to predict who will win the contest this year.

The number of YouTube views of a song's music video gives us some indication of which songs fans are engaging with most online and may possibly be more likely to vote for.

So let's take a look at the Top 10 Eurovision 2024 songs ranked by YouTube views (as of 5 May 2024). For the purposes of this article, we used the figures for each song from the following sources:

  • The official music video on the official Eurovision Song Contest channel.

  • The official music video if it had been uploaded to the artists' own YouTube channel or that of a country's host broadcaster.

  • Any national final performances on the official channel of the host broadcaster or another channel where no host broadcast version exists.

  • Separate lyric videos and alternate versions of each song were not included.

Top 10 Eurovision 2024 songs by YouTube views

10. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil - 'Teresa & Maria' (Ukraine) - 5.5 million views

9. LUNA - 'The Tower' (Poland) - 6.1 million views

8. Baby Lasagna - 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim' (Croatia) - 6.4 million views

7. Teya Dora - 'Ramonda' (Serbia) - 7.3 million views

6. Eden Golan - 'Hurricane' (Israel) - 7.8 million views

5. Marina Satti - 'ZARI' (Greece) - 13.4 million views

'ZARI' was released in early March on the official YouTube channel of Marina Satti. It quickly went viral with its TikTok style dancing amongst the backdrop of Greece's most famous landmarks, amassing over nine million views in just two months. A further four million views have come from the official music video on the Eurovision Song Contest channel.

4. Slimane - 'Mon amour' (France) - 15.2 million views

'Mon Amour' had the honour of being the first Eurovision 2024 song to be released in November 2023. At the time it was uploaded to Slimane's official YouTube channel where it has amassed most of its views. The official music video was uploaded to the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel two months ago where it has had a further two million views.

3. Nebulossa - ZORRA (Spain) - 17.8 million views

Nebulossa's ZORRA reached Number 5 on the Spanish charts and was clearly a fan favourite at Spanish national final Benidorm Fest. Several versions of the performance exist online which has contributed to its huge viewing figures. Apart from the official Eurovision channel, the song's music video has also been uploaded to Nebulossa's YouTube channel. Their national final performance from Benidorm Fest is also on the official channel and both their Semi Final and Grand Final performances have been uploaded to the channel of Spanish broadcaster RTVE Música.

2. Joost - 'Europapa' (Netherlands) - 22 million views

'Europapa' is the most watched of the 2024 songs on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. It is already the channel's 43rd most watched video, a remarkable achievement given it was only uploaded two months ago. Is Joost Klein on track to knock off Russia's Little Big whose entry from the cancelled contest of 2020, 'Uno', has racked up 283 million views in just four years!

1. Angelina Mango - 'La noia' (Italy) - 39.1 million views

Whilst the official video for Angelina Mango's 'La noia' only has 1.2 million views, it jumps to the top of the list when we add in the figures from Angelina's own YouTube channel where it's reached 31 million views in just two months. There is also a video of her National Final Performance on the official Eurovision channel along with a winners final performance on the channel of Italian broadcaster RAI. 'La noia' also has the most Spotify streams of any of the 2024 entries.

Points of interest

  • Seven of the Top 10 most watched songs on YouTube are also in the Top 10 with bookmakers (as of 5 May 2024), with the exceptions being Serbia, Spain and Poland.

  • Conversely three songs in the Top 10 with bookmakers are not in the Top 10 list. These are:

    • Switzerland - 12th with 3.9 million views

    • United Kingdom - 15th with 2.9 million views

    • Ireland - 22nd with 1.9 million views

  • The top four most viewed songs on YouTube are also the top four most streamed on Spotify although the order varies slightly. See the list of most streamed 2024 songs on Spotify here.

Australia's YouTube figures

Electric Fields 'One Milkali (One Blood)' is the 32nd most watched song from the 2024 contest with 1,023,000 YouTube views so far. Apart from appearing on the official Eurovision Song Contest channel, the video has also been uploaded to the duo's official YouTube channel.

So will this year's Eurovision winner be one of our most viewed songs on YouTube? It's only a matter of days until we find out!

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