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Ranking all Eurovision nations by points in the 2020s

With the completion of this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, four editions have been held in the 2020s so far.

As we are almost halfway through the decade, we're looking at the rankings of every country that has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in this decade, based on the overall number of points being scored in Grand Finals.

43rd to 11th

=40th: Belarus - 0 points

=40th: Denmark - 0 points

=40th: North Macedonia - 0 points

=40th: Montenegro - 0 points

39th: Georgia - 34 points

38th: San Marino - 50 points

37th: Latvia - 64 points

36th: Romania - 65 points

35th: Luxembourg - 103 points

34th: Slovenia - 105 points

33rd: Albania - 133 points

=31st: Austria - 144 points

=31st: Germany - 144 points


30th: Czechia - 167 points

29th: Bulgaria - 170 points

28th: Azerbaijan - 171 points

27th: Netherlands - 182 points

26th: Russia - 204 points

25th: Poland - 244 points

24th: Malta - 255 points

23rd: Australia - 276 points

22nd: Ireland - 278 points

21st: Cyprus - 298 points


20th: Belgium - 320 points

19th: Estonia - 346 points

18th: Armenia - 366 points

17th: Iceland - 398 points

16th: Moldova - 464 points

15th: Serbia - 498 points

14th: Greece - 511 points

13th: United Kingdom - 536 points

12th: Norway - 541 points

11th: Lithuania - 565 points

Top 10

10th: Portugal - 571 points

9th: Spain - 595 points

8th: Croatia - 670 points

7th: Israel - 830 points

6th: Finland - 903 points

Top 5

5th: France (1,065 points)

France is the only nation in the Top 5 that has yet to win the Eurovision Song Contest in this decade, with its last victory being in 1977.

Despite that, they have made it to the Top 5 in two of the previous four occasions, with Barbara Pravi’s Voila and Slimane’s Mon amour both receiving above the 400 points mark, while Alvan and Ahez’s Fulenn suffered its worst finish in the 2020s, with 24th.

4th: Switzerland (1,193 points)

Because of Nemo’s The Code, Switzerland made it to the Top 5 of the most successful countries in the 2020s by ending its 36-year wait for a third Eurovision title.

Before the 2020s, the country failed to make it to the Grand Final 11 out of the 16 times since the semi-finals were introduced, with its highest finish being 4th in 2019.

In the 2020s it has qualified for the Grand Final for four years, with The Code and 2021 entry Tout l’univers finishing within the Top 3 in this decade, scoring 591 and 432 points, respectively.

3rd: Sweden (1,304 points)

This year's hosts, Sweden, started unusually in the 2020s when it finished outside of the Top 10 for the first time since 2013, the very year it hosted its fifth Eurovision Song Contest.

However, it started to gain success in 2022 and 2023 when Cornelia Jakobs’ Hold Me Closer finished fourth overall and Loreen made history by becoming the first woman to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice with Tattoo, finishing with 583 points.

2nd: Italy (1,410 points)

Coming in 2nd place is Italy, which started the 2020s decade with victory after a wait of 31 years with Zitti e buoni.

Since then it has been consistently in the Top 10, with Mahmood and Blanco's 2022 entry Brividi finishing 6th, and Marco Mengoni's 2023 entry Due vite finishing 4th.

Its 2024 entry, Angelina Mango's La noia placed 7th.

1st: Ukraine (1,691 points)

Ukraine remains at the top of the 2020s points rankings because all four of their entries finished within the top six places.

They won the 2022 Contest with Kalush Orchestra's Stefania, receiving 631 points from the combined jury and televote. Its televote score of 439 is the highest of any entry. In addition Go_A's Shum placed 5th in 2021 and Jerry Heil and alyona alyona finished 3rd this year with Teresa & Maria.

Overall, the first half of the Eurovision Song Contest in the 2020s has been full of surprises, with it being the first contest to be cancelled due to a global pandemic, the first double winner since Johnny Logan in Loreen, the first non-binary act to win in the history of the Contest in Nemo, and so much more.

Some nations finished low in the rankings, with Belarus, Denmark, Montenegro, and North Macedonia yet to make it to the Grand Final in this decade while others such as Georgia, Latvia, and Ireland ended their wait for their qualification.

Australia is lower than many expect, however, with the 2025 contest yet to be held, everything can change.

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