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Eurovision 2024: Barcelona Pre-party preview

Across this weekend in the Catalonian capital, there will be two big nights of Spanish Eurovision fun as the Pre-Party Circuit makes its way to Barcelona.

There will be 14 of this year's contestants performing as well as past Eurovision performers. Additionally there will be participants from this year's Benidorm fest as well as former Spanish Junior Eurovision performers

The main Eurovision pre-party will take place on the Saturday evening with Nina, the Spanish representative from 1989, hosting the event for the night.

The 2024 Acts performing at Barcelona Eurovision Party are :

  • Albania - Besa

  • Belgium - Mustii

  • Czechia - Aiko

  • Denmark - Saba

  • France - Slimane

  • Italy - Angelina Mango

  • Latvia - Dons

  • Lithuania - Silvester Belt

  • Norway - Gåte

  • Poland - Luna

  • San Marino - Megara

  • Serbia - Teya Dora

  • Slovenia - Raiven

  • Spain - Nebulossa

Over the two nights, a variety of past participants at Eurovision will also perform. These acts are:

  • Herreys (Winner for Sweden 1984)

  • Las Ketchup (Spain 2006)

  • Cornelia Jacobs (Sweden 2022)

  • Albina (Croatia 2021)

  • Senhit (San Marino 2011, 2020 and 2021)

  • Amaya Saizar (Spain 1984)

There will be a few participants from this year's Benidorm Fest also performing on the Friday Night, These acts are :

  • Jorge Gonzalez

  • Sofia Coll

  • Roger Padros

  • Dellacruz

  • Mantra

Performances of the event will be available. Follow Aussievision's social media accounts to keep up to date.

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