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Eurovision 2023: Semi-final 2 preview

Photos of artists / credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest is now upon us. We have seen Semi-final 1, but who is battling it out for Semi-final 2?

16 acts will participate in this semi-final, but only 10 will go through to the Grand Final for a chance to compete for this year’s crystal microphone, Australia's very own Voyager will be competing in this semi-final.

See below for a recap in running order of who the entries are and their odds of getting through!

1. Denmark

Reiley - ‘Breaking My Heart’

Odds to qualify: (10th)

Kicking off proceedings is youthful-looking social media influencer, Rani Petersen, who is better known as Reiley is the first Danish representative to hail from Faroe Islands. He won Melodi Grand Prix 2023 to earn his ticket to Liverpool. He co-wrote ‘Breaking My Heart’ after leaving a doomed relationship with someone that he says was not good for him, but he kept going back. The electro-pop performer has over 11 million TikTok followers. He has been active in the music since he was 14. Will he qualify? Or will his fans break his heart?

2. Armenia

Brunette - ‘Future Lover’

Odds to qualify: (4th)

Armenia’s Brunette found the inspiration for her Eurovision entry from miscellaneous quotes she found on the social media platform Tumblr. ‘Future Lover’ details a list of attributes that the singer is looking for in a partner. The singer-songwriter was born Elen Yeremyan and is a beneficiary of the Nvak Foundation, which was developed to support young Armenian artists, The foundation was created by Tamar Kaprelian who was a member of 2015 Armenian representatives Genealogy. 2022 alum Rosa Linn is also a benefactor. Let’s see if the Grand Final will be part of Brunette’s future.

3. Romania

Theodor Andrei - ‘D.G.T. (Off and On)’ Odds to qualify: (15th)

18-year-old singer, songwriter and actor, Theodor Andrei first came into prominence in 2017 on Romania's version of 'The Voice: Kids' where his reached the semi-final. Three years later, he entered his country's 'X Factor'. He released his first album in 2022 and won an award for best creation of a singer-songwriter. Theodor usually performs in Romanian. ‘D.G.T. (Off and On)’ is his first songs to include English lyrics. The song is about his experience in a passionate and toxic love affair. Will Theodor be "off" or "on'?

4. Estonia

Alika - ‘Bridges’

Odds to qualify: (11th)

Estonian chanteuse Alika Milova won her way to Liverpool by taking out her competition at Eesti Laul earlier in the year. She has been performing since she was a child and has participated in 'The Baltic Voice', 'New Wave Junior', 'Kaunas Talent', 'Bravo Song Contest' and 'Berlin Perle' to name a few. Her victory in the Estonian talent show 'Eesti otsib superstaari' earned her a record deal with Universal Music Group.

5. Belgium

Gustaph - ‘Because of You’ Odds to qualify: (8th)

Eurovision isn't Gustaph's first rodeo. The queer artist has provided backing vocals for two previous Belgian entries, Hooverphonic in 2021 and Sennek in 2018.

Gustaph has been in the music business for over 20 years, signing his first record deal at the age of 18. During his career he collaborated with iconic dance music project Hercules & Love Affair, earning Gustaph well-deserved plaudits for his impressive vocals.

The Belgian artist earned his spot on the big stage after winning Eurosong 2023. Get ready to watch hi take that Eurovision catwalk, possibly all the way to the Grand Final!

6. Cyprus

Andrew Lambrou - ‘Break a Broken Heart’

Odds to qualify: (2nd)

Andrew Lambrou was internally selected to represent Cyprus. The young Sydney-born singer-songwriter has Cypriot heritage in his family which he is extremely proud of. He competed in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 along site Voyager, who are representing Australia in this semi-final.

With a strong social media presence and an ever-growing fanbase, Andrew’s videos have racked up an impressive number of views and followers, and put him in the sights of music industry legends.

Andrew's performance of 'Break a Broken Heart' is one not to miss! Aussies can actually vote for Andrew and show our support to a fellow Australian.

7. Iceland

Diljá - ‘Power’

Odds to qualify: (14th)

Diljá got the attention of the Icelandic nation when she competed in Iceland's 'Söngvakeppnin' with her entry 'Power'.

The young and powerful singer-songwriter, quickly became a fan favourite spreading her message of self-improvement and taking back her own power resonating strongly with the Icelandic people.

When not on stage Diljá is a physiotherapy student and a committed CrossFit athlete. Let's hope she fights her way into the Grand Final.

8. Greece

Victor Vernicos - ‘What They Say’

Odds to qualify: (12th)

The singer-songwriter Victor Vernicos was internally selected by the Greek broadcaster. His song 'What They Say' was written by the younger singer when he was just 14-years-old.

The Athen-born musician is the youngest artist to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer comes from a very musical family, with a Greek mother who plays the piano and a Danish father, who plays the trumpet, and Victor himself is proud of both his Greek and Scandinavian heritage.

Let's hope his anthemic song and energetic performance gets him through to the Grand Final.

9. Poland

Blanka - ‘Solo’

Odds to qualify: (9th)

Blanka is a half-Polish, half-Bulgarian artist who has become an international star.

She won the Polish Eurovision national final with her very popular streamed song 'Solo'. The "bejbas" from the song has become a meme online which the young artist has embraced and owned! She has worn the word in her hair, and even on her amazing outfit for the Turquoise Carpet, you need to check it out.

We hope all the "bejbas" get behind Blanka so we can see her infectious pop entry in the Grand Final.

10. Slovenia

Joker Out - ‘Carpe Diem’

Odds to qualify: (4th)

Joker Out, who are Bojan, Jure, Kris, Jan, and Nace, are one of Slovenia's most successful band gaining critical acclaim and chart success.

The band describe themselves as 'shagadelic rock ‘n’ roll'. They were internally selected to compete at Eurovision with the song 'Carpe Diem'. Get ready to watch them rock the stage with their very slick performance where they just know how to own the stage. .

11. Georgia

Iru - ‘Echo’

Odds to qualify: (7th)

The 22-year-old Iru was born and raised in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi. Iru previously competed at Junior Eurovision 2011 with the song 'Candy Music' with her band Candy as just 11-years-old. The group won the Contest.

She recently competed in The Voice Georgia which she won. She performed an amazing rendition of Loreen's 'Euphoria'. Her victory earned her a spot to represent Georgia at Eurovision this year.

12. San Marino

Piqued Jacks - ‘Like an Animal’

Odds to qualify: (16th)

Piqued Jacks are bringing small town vibes to big stages around the world.

This alt-rock band hails from a small Tuscan village, but that hasn’t stopped them opening for The Boomtown Rats, Interpol, and Chevelle, and having their hits played on international radio stations. Now, they’re representing San Marino at the world’s largest music competition.

The band celebrated the release of their latest album 'Synchronizer' by skydiving from 4,300 metres in the stratosphere and then playing the full album track list once they’d landed on the airstrip.

Piqued Jacks dream of having Sting feature on a future song, and say they’re happy to work on his Tuscan vineyard in exchange. And when it comes to idolising Brits, their hero is Mr. Bean.

13. Austria

Teya and Salena - ‘Who the Hell Is Edgar?’

Odds to qualify: (1st)

The duo met while competing in the Austrian talent show Starmania 21, bonding over their love for the Eurovision Song Contest. When they later put their heads together at a songwriting camp, their dream took hold and they united specifically to enter Eurovision.

Both artists have come close to Eurovision stardom before: Salena came second in Austria’s 2019 pre-selection, where PÆNDA beat her to the draw; and Teya had a similar experience, losing out to Vincent Bueno in 2020. However, the girls can lay those ghosts to rest if they deliver Austria’s first qualification from the Eurovision Semi-Finals since Cesár Sampson in 2018.

The talented twosome wrote the satirical Who The Hell Is Edgar? by drawing on their experiences as female songwriters in an industry that all too often doesn’t give women enough credit for their hard work and expertise.

14. Albania

Albina and Familja Kelmendi - ‘Duje’

Odds to qualify: (13th)

Albina Kelmendi has energised the Albanian pop scene with her fierce vocal talent. At just 16, she reached the final of 'The Voice of Albania', after all 4 judges turned their chairs in her first audition. Since then, she’s smashed through various song contests across Europe.

The talented vocalist has always been surrounded by song, growing up in a house of professional musicians, and now two generations of the Kelmendi clan are joining voices to perform in Liverpool.

And music really is a family affair - Albina’s mother Albana and her father Bujar fell in love through music. Alongside her brother Albin and sisters Vesa and Sidorela, they will all be taking to the Eurovision stage. Sadly, the invitation isn’t extended to Albina’s pet golden retrievers.

Their song 'Duje' is about the role of love in the family, and overcoming every challenge that life brings.

15. Lithuania

Monika Linkytė - ‘Stay’

Odds to qualify: (6th)

It could be second time lucky for Monika Linkytė, as she had previously competed at Eurovision in 2015 alongside Vaidas Baumila with the song 'This Time'.

This year the singer earned herself another opportunity through Lithuania’s national selection show, Pabandom Iš Naujo!, and brings soaring melodies to the Contest with her new entry Stay.

The song is grounded in local folklore, with the lyrics ‘Čiūto Tūto’ often used in Lithuanian folk dances as magical incantations.

Music has been a part of Monika’s life since childhood, and from the moment she first laid her fingers on the piano keys, it became clear to her that music would be a constant companion in her life.

16. Australia

Voyager - ‘Promise’ Odds to qualify: (3rd)

Voyager are a 5-piece Perth-based band that have been performing together since 1999 and have toured the world several times over.

The group are massive Eurovision fans and have launched several attempts to compete since Australia joined the Contest in 2015, coming closest last year when they took the runner-up spot at Australia Decides.

Having recognised their enthusiasm, broad appeal, and knack for producing synth-metal stompers, Aussie broadcaster SBS selected the band to head to Liverpool without a national competition.

Watch Voyager hopefully cruise their way to the Grand Final!

Source credit: It kicks off at 5:00am in Australia (AEST) on Friday 12 May 2023.

The Grand Final will take place this Saturday 13th May at 8.00pm Central European time / 5:00am AEST on Sunday 14th May.

Australians can tune in to SBS or SBS On Demand to watch.

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