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Eurovision 2023: 'Israel Calling 2023' Tel Aviv Pre-party preview

The Eurovision 2023 pre-party tour is next heading south to Tel Aviv, with the city hosting 'Israel Calling 2023' on April 3.

The show will be held at Tel Aviv Port's Hangar 11 venue and hosted by Dafna Dekel and Sigal Shachmon, with the latter having hosted Eurovision 1999.

The event will also celebrate the fact 2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Israel's debut at Eurovision. Several special guests will perform, including Israel's first Eurovision participant in 1973, Ilanit.

Most 2023 Eurovision artists will arrive on April 2 and take part in various events whilst in Israel. This includes planting trees in the KKL Eurovision Forest situated in the European Forest, to help raise awareness about climate change.

So far 18 Eurovision 2023 artists have been confirmed to be performing at the concert on Israel Calling's social media, with more potentially to be announced in the coming days. The acts announced so far are:

  • Joker Out (Slovenia)

  • Blanca Paloma (Spain)

  • Wild Youth (Ireland)

  • The Busker (Malta)

  • Iru (Georgia)

  • Reiley (Denmark)

  • Albina & Familija Kelmendi (Albania)

  • Vesna (Czech Republic)

  • Alika (Estonia)

  • Pasha Parfeni (Moldova)

  • Piqued Jacks (San Marino)

  • Sudden Lights (Latvia)

  • Blanka (Poland)

  • Let 3 (Croatia)

  • Monika Linkyte (Lithuania)

  • Turalturanx (Azerbaijan)

  • TVORCHI (Ukraine)

  • Luke Black (Serbia)

Eight special guests have also been confirmed. They are:

  • Katrina (Eurovision 1997 winner representing the UK)

  • Ilanit (represented Israel at Eurovision 1973)

  • Shlomit Aharon (represented Israel at Eurovision 1981)

  • Mei Finegold (represented Israel at Eurovision 2014)

  • Imri (represented Israel at Eurovision 2017)

  • Eden Alene (represented Israel at Eurovision 2021)

  • Johnny Logan (Eurovision 1980 and 1987 winner representing Ireland)

  • Anne Marie David (Eurovision 1973 winner representing Luxembourg, represented France at Eurovision 1979)

More details, including further announced acts, can be found at the Israel Calling Facebook page:

Other pre-parties taking place in the lead up to Eurovision 2023 are:

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