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All the Eurovision pre-parties of 2024

Image: PrePartyES

Once all the competing entries of Eurovision are out, the next phase of the countdown to Contest begins: the pre-parties!

The pre-party circuit are a number of concert events all over Europe where the competing artists perform.

It's a great opportunity for acts to promote their entry while also honing their live performance skills.

For some acts, this may be the first time they have performed their Eurovision song live.

When and where are the pre-parties?

  • 28-30 March: PrePartyES - Madrid Eurovision Preparty Details

  • 4-6 April: Barcelona Eurovision Party

  • 7 April: London Eurovision Party

  • 13 April: Amsterdam: Eurovision in Concert

  • 14 April: Stockholm: Nordic Eurovision Party

  • 20 April: Oslo Nordic Eurovision Celebration

Please note, these will be the day after in Australia (eg the morning of 8 April for the London event instead of 7 April).

Can I watch them?

Some are available to watch live, some will provide clips after the performance while others will rely on fan-created vision.

At Aussievision, we will give details of this closer to each show.

Who will be performing?

A full list for each pre-party will be revealed, however MANY artists take part.

For Madrid, a total of 28 acts from the Eurovision class of 2024 will be performing.

Keep an eye on Aussievision socials and our website for more details.


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