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Eurovision 2023: Australia's and Semi-Final 2 full voting results

Photo courtesy of EBU / Chloe Hashemi

With the Eurovision 2023 grand final done and dusted, and the semi-final results released, we can now have a thorough analysis of Australia's full results at this year's contest.

AUSTRALIA WON ITS SEMI-FINAL!!! Australia had previously won its semi-final in 2016 with Dami Im and in 2019 with Kate Miller-Heidke. However neither of them won the tele-voting portion of the vote, so this is a major breakthrough for Australia as this year's semi-final was 100% televoting.

The full semi-final 2 results are as follows:

1st place - Australia - Voyager - 'Promise' - 149 points (qualified to final)

2nd place - Austria - Teya & Salena - 'Who The Hell is Edgar?' - 137 points (qualified to final)

3rd place - Poland - Blanka - 'Solo' - 124 points (qualified to final)

4th place - Lithuania - Monika Linkytė - 'Stay' - 110 ponts (qualified to final)

5th place - Slovenia - Joker Out - 'Carpe Diem' - 103 points (qualified to final)

6th place - Armenia - Brunette - 'Future Lover' - 99 points (qualified to final)

7th place - Cyprus - Andrew Lambrou - 'Break a Broken Heart' - 94 points (qualified to final)

8th place - Belgium - Gustaph - 'Because of You' - 90 points (qualified to final)

9th place - Albania - Albina & Familija Kelmendi - 'Duje' - 83 points (qualified to final)

10th place - Estonia - Alika - 'Bridges' - 74 points (qualified to final)


11th place - Iceland - Diljá - 'Power' - 44 points (did not advance)

12th place - Georgia - Iru - 'Echo' - 33 points (did not advance)

13th place - Greece - Victor Vernicos - 'What They Say' - 14 points (did not advance)

14th place - Denmark - Reiley - 'Breaking My Heart' - 6 points (did not advance)

15th place - Romania - Theodor Andrei - D.G.T (Off and On) - 0 points (did not advance)

16th place - San Marino - Piqued Jacks - 'Like An Animal' - 0 points (did not advance)

Australia's Full Semi-Final Result

Who voted for Australia?

Australia won semi-final 2 with 149 points.

Here is a full breakdown of how many points each country in semi-final 2 awarded to Australia:

12 points from Albania, Estonia and Iceland

10 points from Denmark and Romania

8 points from Austria, Lithuania and Poland

7 points from Cyprus, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine and the Rest of the World.

6 points from Belgium, San Marino and Slovenia

4 points from Armenia and Greece

Australia received points from every country in semi-final 2.

Who did Australia vote for?

This is how Australia awarded its points in semi-final 2:

12 points to Austria

10 points to Cyprus

8 points to Slovenia

7 points to Belgium

6 points to Lithuania

5 points to Iceland

4 points to Estonia

3 points to Albania

2 points to Armenia

1 point to Georgia

Australia's Full Grand Final Result

Who voted for Australia?

Australia finished ninth in the grand final with 151 points overall. We came sixth with the juries who awarded us 130 points. In the tele-voting we finished 20th with 21 points.

Here is a full breakdown of the points each national jury awarded Australia:

12 points from Iceland and Portugal

10 points from UK

8 points from Cyprus, Estonia, Germany and Ukraine

7 points from Czechia

5 points from Azerbaijan, Greece, Moldova, Norway and San Marino

4 points from Belgium, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia

3 points from Albania and Romania

2 points from Denmark, Georgia and Switzerland

Also, here is a full breakdown of the points each country's televoters gave to Australia:

8 points from Finland

6 points from Estonia

3 points from Iceland

2 points from United Kingdom

1 point from the Netherlands and Sweden

Who did Australia vote for?

This is how the Australian jury awarded its points in the grand final:

12 points to Belgium

10 points to Lithuania

8 points to Estonia

7 points to Sweden

6 points to Austria

5 points to Finland

4 points to Spain

3 points to Cyprus

2 points to Portugal

1 point to Italy

Also, here is how Australian tele-voters voted in the grand final

12 points to Finland

10 points to Sweden

8 points to Cyprus

7 points to Austria

6 points to Norway

5 points to Israel

4 points to Croatia

3 points to Belgium

2 points to France

1 point to Slovenia

We hope you numeric and statistic enthusiasts out there enjoyed this thorough breakdown and analysis.

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May 14, 2023

Why is there such a disparity between semi-final and final televote? Do we think it’s purely running order? 1st in the semi and 20th in the final is a massive change.

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