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Eurovision 2023 Australia: Create your own remix of Voyager's entry 'Promise'

Australia's Eurovision 2023 representatives Voyager have launched a 'Producers Pack' of their Eurovision entry 'Promise' so you can create your own remix!

The 'Promise Producers Pack' contains 41 tracks and all you need to produce your very own remixes with your own software.

The pack is available through their Bandcamp page. All tracks are completely separated, so that you can take full advantage of all stems used in the original recording.

You can find the pack here, the cost is "pay whatever you like".

Once you have created your remix send it through to the band via email address.

The remixes will be uploaded to Voyager's YouTube channel.

Voyager previously released a remix and creators pack for their 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 song 'Dreamer'. It was for a Remix competition with the winner being Elliot Stevens with the 'Dreamer (Katomo Remix)' which you can check out here.

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