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Eurovision 2022: Semi-final predictions from the fans

With the semi-finals of Eurovision beginning in less than two weeks, we asked fans for their predictions on who would qualify.

We polled Eurovision fans, both Australian and international, on the the 10 songs they believed would make it through to the Grand Final from each semi-final.

These are, of course, before the rehearsals and before we see any live performance or staging.

Let's see who they chose...

Semi-final 1

The top chances to qualify as voted by fans

Netherlands: S10 - 'De Diepte' (100%)

Albania: Ronela Hajati - 'Sekret' (95.1%)

Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord - 'Die Together' (95.1%)

Norway: Subwoolfer - 'Give that Wolf a Banana' (95.1%)

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra - 'Stefania' (90.2%)

These are the same five songs that appear in the odds top five to qualify. The one head scratching result is almost 10% of those voting believing that Ukraine would not qualify.

The country is currently the favourite to win the entire competition and Ukraine has a 100% qualifying record.

The 'should' qualify group as voted by fans

Armenia: Rosa Linn - 'Snap' (78.1%)

Lithuania: Monika Liu - 'Sentimentai' (73.2%)

Portugal: Maro - 'saudade, saudade' (73.2%)

Again, this matches the odds predictions. Armenia and Portugal are sixth and seventh to qualify respectively.

Lithuania sits on the cusp at 10th place in the odds.

The final two qualifiers as voted by fans

Austria: Lumix ft Pia Maria - 'Halo' (63.4)%

Moldova: Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov - 'Trenulețul' (63.4%)

Moldova does feature in the odds to qualify, but currently Austria is outside in 11th place.

Unlucky 11th as voted by fans

Latvia: Citi Zēni - 'Eat Your Salad' (56.1%)

Latvia has just missed the cut and also sits in 12th place in the odds to qualify.

The rest

Iceland: Systur - 'Með hækkandi sól' (29.3%)

Croatia: Mia Dimšić - 'Guilty Pleasure' (24.4%)

Denmark: Reddi - 'The Show' (21.9%)

Switzerland: Marius Bear - 'Boys Do Cry' (19.5%)

Slovenia: LPS - 'Disko' (14.6%)

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - 'Intention' (2.4%)

Switzerland is the only country in this list who is currently in the odds to qualify. Marius Bear sits in 9th place at $1.44.

Semi-final 2

The top chances to qualify as voted by fans

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs - 'Hold Me Closer' (100%)

Australia: Sheldon Riley - 'Not the Same' (97.6%)

Estonia: Stefan - 'Hope' (95.1%)

Poland: Ochman - 'River' (90.2%)

Sweden, Poland and Australia all feature in the top three in the odds to qualify from this semi-final.

Estonia sits in sixth, so fans feel more assured than the bookies.

The 'should' qualify group as voted by fans

Serbia: Konstrakta - 'In corpore sano' (85.4%)

Cyprus: Andromache - 'Ela' (82.9%)

Czech Republic: We are Domi - 'Lights Off' (78.1%)

Finland: The Rasmus - 'Jezebel' (73.2%)

Finland and Serbia are favoured by the bookies, they are fourth and fifth to qualify at present.

Czech Republic and Cyprus are in qualifying positions with the odds, but they sit in ninth and 10th respectively.

The final two qualifiers as voted by fans

Belgium: Jérémie Makiese - 'Miss You' (48.8%)

Ireland: Brooke - 'That's Rich' (43.9%)

Belgium does sit in seventh in the odds so fans and the bookies agree here.

Ireland however, sits in 18th and last spot in the odds to qualify. Obviously the fans have much more faith!

Unlucky 11th as voted by fans

Romania: WRS - 'Llámame' (41.5%)

Will this be the fourth straight non-qualification run for Romania? The fans think so, placing WRS just outside the 10. He sits 12th in the odds.

The rest

Malta: Emma Muscat - 'I Am What I Am' (29.3%)

San Marino: Achille Lauro - 'Stripper' (26.8%)

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli - 'Fade to Black' (24.4%)

Israel: Michael Ben David - 'I.M' (21.9%)

Montenegro: Vladana - 'Breathe' (19.5%)

North Macedonia: Andrea - 'Circles' (19.5%)

Georgia: Circus Mircus - 'Lock Me In' (17.1%)

Azerbaijan is the only country on this list in the odds to qualify. They sit in eighth at $1.44.

What we do know for sure, each year the odds, the pre-polls and the fan choices are never 100% accurate...

So expect a surprise or two in Turin!

Check out the Aussievision team predictions below


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