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Eurovision 2022 semi-final 1: Jury show review

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Early this morning the jury show of the Eurovision 2022 semi-final 1 took place.

These performances are what each national jury vote on ahead of the live show for televoters tomorrow.

The jury show can make or break some contestants, so let's take a look at how the entries went:

Nailed it


Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

This could potentially the semi-final 1 jury winner! Amanda's vocals are impressive. The staging and the ambience created go so well with the song. When Amanda gets to that high note she nails it. She looks beautiful in her white outfit and against the blue and white staging (reminiscent of the Greek flag) it is breathtaking.


Photo credit: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

This performances gives you goosebumps. There was a huge roar from the crowd when Ukraine came on. The vocals are haunting and great, the rapping delivery is excellent!! Overall Kalush Orchestra give a great vibe and a memorable performance. It would be interesting to see how this goes with the jury. It has televote favourite written all over it.

Lifted for the juries


Netherlands gave their best performance yet. It lifted from the rehearsals. S10 was a bit more looser overall. It is simple yet excellently executed! Greece may have to watch out as the Netherlands are a semi-final jury winner contender.


Zdob și Zdub return for the third time and their experience shows, and along with Frații Advahov, they own the stage. They have improved from their rehearsals, some colour changes with the staging makes the performance really pop in the running order. The band give this performance a genuine live concert feel.


Albania open the show to a banging performance. There is so much going on but it really works with the song. There are also very thoughtful nods throughout the performance to the LGBTI+ community. From rehearsals to now Albania have been improving a lot and have smashed it. You are all in for a treat!!!


A very well executed performance from Armenia. Expect a very high jury score. The song sounds contemporary and the journey Rosa takes you on in the performance is very sweet.

Could be a struggle with juries


Certainly not a bad performance but in relation to the full 17 songs and the jury, this may struggle. The lead singers vocals were solid but the connection down the camera may not have come through super strong. Could see this pick up some televotes tomorrow the boys do have a charisma about them.


A song for the juries that was a little overcooked. Not a bad vocal but she needed to smash it tonight to have any hope. The song is energetic it really pops and will surely get a lot of televote love.

Your country or favourite song not listed?

It means they did a great job! It was an incredible show and all 17 did a great job. These are just some of our ones to pick out.

Check out our Jury semi-final 1 review video:

The live semi-final 1 will be broadcast tomorrow at 5:00am AEST on SBS.


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