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Eurovision 2022 results: Kalush Orchestra win for Ukraine


Kalush Orchestra have won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine with ‘Stefania'.

They won a total of 631 points from the expert juries and televoters.

Kalush Orchestra delivers Ukraine their third Eurovision win!!

Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with a total of 631 points. The jury awarded them with 192 points and the public a record 439 points!!!

A record breaking 28 countries (including Australia) gave Ukraine the full 12 points in the televote. They picked up five sets of 12 points from the jury.

The overall top 10 results:

1st - Ukraine 631 points

2nd - United Kingdom 466 points

3rd - Spain 459 points

4th - Sweden 438 points

5th - Serbia 312 points

6th - Italy 268 points

7th - Moldova 253 points

8th - Greece 215 points

9th - Portugal 207 points

10th - Norway 182 points


The jury top 10 results:

1st - United Kingdom 283 points

2nd - Sweden 258 points

3rd - Spain 231 points

4th - Ukraine 192 points

5th - Portugal 171 points

6th - Greece 158 points

7th - Italy 158 points

8th - Netherlands 129 points

9th - Australia 123 points

10th - Azerbaijan 103 points

The televote top 10 results:

1st - Ukraine 439 points

2nd - Moldova 253 points

3rd - Spain 228 points

4th - Serbia 225 points

5th - United Kingdom 183 points

6th - Sweden 180 points

7th - Norway 146 points

8th - Italy 110 points

9th - Poland 105 points

10th - Estonia 98 points

About the artists

Kalush Orchestra is a hip hop folk band made up of rapper Oleh Psiuk, musician Ilhor Didenchuk, beatboxing bagpipes player Vitalii Duzhyk, solo instrumentalist Tymofii Muzychuk, and rapper, DJ and dancer Danyil Chernov.

The band is a side project of Kalush, which only features a few members and focuses on hip hop, rap and beats. The additional members provide the folk and instrumental elements, hence the addition of "orchestra" to the group's name.

The name Kalush comes from the city where the members are from and where they formed the group.

Ihor maybe be familiar name to some as he was part of Go_A's entries in both 2020 and 2021.

About the song

The song 'Stefania' is written by the group and is an ode to Ole Psiuk's mother, whose name is Stefania.

It is performed in Ukrainian, with a mix of musical genres. The chorus is traditional folk while the verses are rapped by lead performer Ole Psiuk.

The full Grand Final results:

Check out our reaction with the results:

Australia in the Grand Final

Sheldon Riley finished in 15th place with 'Not The Same' receiving 125 points.

Who voted for Australia-

Grand Final televote:

Australia received 2 points from the televote from Azerbaijan.

A total of 2 points from the televote.

Grand Final jury vote: Australia received 10 points from Sweden.

8 points from Spain, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Estonia

7 points from Netherlands

6 points from San Marino, United Kingdom, Malta, Poland, Romania, Moldova

5 points from Germany, Israel, North Macedonia

4 points from Switzerland

3 points from Ukraine

2 points from Ireland, Latvia, Italy

1 point from Belgium, Czech Republic

A total of 123 points from the juries.

How Australia voted -

Grand Final Australian televote

12 - Ukraine

10 - Norway

8 - Serbia

7 - United Kingdom

6 - Spain

5 - Sweden

4 - Moldova

3 - Poland

2 - Lithuania

1 - Italy

Grand Final Australian jury

12 - Spain

10 - Sweden

8 - Serbia

7 - Ukraine

6 - Portugal

5 - Belgium

4 - Czech Republic

3 - Italy

2 - Azerbaijan

1 - Estonia

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