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Eurovision 2022: Our semi-final 2 predictions

Photo credit: EBU / Andres Putting / Corinne Cumming

Now that the rehearsals for the semi-finals of Eurovision 2022 are complete, the Aussievision team has made some predictions.

15 members of the team all chose their 10 qualifiers and here are our results...

15/15 votes

The countries that 100% of the team believe will qualify are (with the betting odd ranks of qualifying in brackets):

  • Australia (3rd in the semi-final 2 odds)

  • Poland (2nd)

  • Serbia (5th)

  • Sweden (1st)

All four have done well during rehearsals. Sweden has impressed by winning the press poll on May 6th with Poland coming in second place with the press. Australia is the third favourite in this semi-final, with a very certain chance of qualifying.

It will be interesting to see what battles take place to score to the top placing from the juries and televoters. We could possibly see a three way battle for the jury top spot between Sweden, Poland and Australia. It will be interesting to see how the televote goes.

With 14/15 votes are:

  • Czech Republic (7th in the semi-final 2 odds)

The team are very certain with all but one team member confident that the Czech Republic will qualify to the Grand Final. The Czech Republic also came second in the press poll for May 6th.

With 12/15 votes are:

  • Cyprus (9th in the semi-final 2 odds)

  • Estonia (4th)

  • Israel (14th)

  • San Marino (12th)

Most of the team are confident these four will get through, but there is some doubt. Israel and San Marino lifted for many during rehearsals. Michael Ben David delivered a slick performance with great vocals while Achille Lauro brought an "out-there" stage show that people will love.

Cyprus also has stunning staging which sees most putting her through, while Estonia may have dropped slightly with the team following the rehearsals this week.

Our 10th qualifier with 8/15 votes is:

  • Ireland (17th)

Ireland have *just* over half the team believing she will qualify despite the betting markets suggesting otherwise. Many were impressed with Brooke's fun and well delivered rehearsal this week.

With 6/16 votes are:

  • Finland (6th)

Finland take a tumble with the team, placed out of the top 10 after the rehearsals, despite the odds for semi-final 2 still placing them in 6th place.

With 5/16 votes are:

  • Azerbaijan (10th)

The team have placed Azerbaijan outside of the top 10, differing from the odds, which has it qualifying in 10th place. The vocals in this performance are insanely good, so there is some chance of getting jury love. Azerbaijan won the press poll for May 5th, so it is highly possible they will qualify.

4/16 votes

  • Romania (13th)

The team have Romania placed in the exact same position as with the odds. Romania are serving a bop this year with some great choreography, so a qualification isn't out of the question.

3/16 votes

  • Georgia (15th)

The team have Georgia in pretty much in the same spot with the semi-final 2 odds. The group offer more of the quirk factor, would a strong vote from the public maybe get them through to the Grand Final.

1/16 votes:

  • Malta (11th)

  • Montenegro (16th)

Both Malta and Montenegro only secured a single vote each from the team with the prospect of a non-qualification. The odds also have both countries outside of the top 10, though Malta is borderline in 11th place.

0/16 votes:

  • Belgium (8th)

  • North Macedonia (18th)

In a rather interesting twist the team have not given Belgium any votes, though the odds for semi-final 2 have Belgium secured in the top 10 for a qualification. Unfortunately, also no one in the team believe North Macedonia can qualify.

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