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Eurovision 2022: Armenia's song 'Snap' out now

The Armenian song for Eurovision 2022 is out now on streaming services across the world.

The song 'Snap' is performed by artist Rosa Linn who was announced last week.

The 21-year-old singer songwriter is from Vanazdor in Armenia and began playing music from age six.

Rosa Linn told the struggle she went through to represent her nation.

"From the outside looking in, the odds seemed like they were against me — an unknown girl from a small town in Armenia. But the power of manifestation is real when it is combined with hard work; persistence; and just putting oneself out there. I’m excited to let people into my inner-world through my music. And I’m beyond honoured to be able to represent my beloved country on the biggest stage in Europe," she said.

Armenia are returning to Eurovision after a year off in 2021. They have no made the Grand Final since 2017 but have made the Top 10 on seven of the thirteen occasions they have competed.


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