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Eurovision 2021 Australia profile: 'Technicolour' by Montaigne

Australia in Eurovision

Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, where they were invited as a special-guest entrant in order to celebrate the 60th contest.

Australia was then invited back each subsequent year, with SBS securing Australia's participation in Eurovision until at least 2023.

Australia has achieved one runner-up position and three other top tens. Montaigne hopes to help her country qualify for the fifth time in a row.

Only Australia and Ukraine have a perfect qualification record, with each song by these countries succeeding in making the grand final of the contest each year they have participated.

If Australia were to ever win the Eurovision Song Contest a country in Europe would host the contest on behalf of Australia due to its location outside of the European Broadcasting Area.

2021 Entry: Montaigne – ‘Technicolour’

  • Semi-final: Montaigne will compete in semi-final 1 in 5th position in the running order

  • My Eurovision Scoreboard fan ranking: 21st out of 39 entries

  • Odds to win ranking: 25th out of 39 entries

  • Odds to qualify ranking: 13th out of 16 entries

(Rankings from 29 April 2021)

About the Artist

Montaigne (Jessica Alyssa Cerro) was born in Sydney in 1995 and grew up in the Hills District.

Sports run in her family, her father Gus was a soccer player who competed in the Australian National Soccer League and also for two teams in Malaysia in his youth.

Montaigne herself was competing at a semi-professional level of soccer in Australia until she was 17. She then made the choice to pursue her music career instead, after one of her original songs 'Anyone But Me' made the popular Australian radio station Triple J's Unearthed High list in 2012.

Montaigne completed high school and then immediately signed a publishing deal with Albert Music, where she honed her skills and to date has released two studio albums and one EP. Montaigne's biggest commercial hit is her 2016 song 'Because I Love You' which has been certified Gold in Australia and received high levels of critical acclaim.

Montaigne won the right to represent Australia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest when she placed first with her song 'Don't Break Me' in the 2nd Eurovision - Australia Decides competition, hosted in the Gold Coast.

About The Song

'Technicolour' was written by Montaigne herself along with the songs producer Dave Hammer.

'Technicolour' is described as art pop, experimental pop and hyperpop, which are not sub-genres that make regular appearances at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The energetic song will certainly stand out in the semi final 1 lineup, with its unique and challenging vocal arrangement coupled with futuristic and bombastic beats.

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