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Eurovision 2020 ticket tips

The first wave of tickets go on sale tonight from at 12.00pm CET which equates to 10.00pm AEDT for NSW/VIC/TAS, 9:30pm for SA, 9:00pm for QLD, 8:30pm for NT and 7.00pm in WA.

Before you log on tonight, ensure you go through the FAQs and details from and read through our tips and tricks from our experiences.

Get in the online queue early

The ticket selling will run off a ‘queue’ system. If you log in after they go on sale, you will join the back of the queue. If you get in earlier, you will be assigned a random queue number. Consider using multiple devices and people, particularly if you are going as a group. If you're in the OGAE Australia club, jump on to the Facebook group for live info and guidance.

Consider if you want standing or seating

Only SEATED tickets will be available for the jury and live show in this wave of tickets. If you MUST have a standing, don’t bother taking part. But it’s probably better to go for something rather than expect to get standing later… it will be popular.

Do consider jury shows

Yes we all want to see the live shows but the jury shows also have an incredible atmosphere and you are seeing all the acts. We would particularly recommend this for the Grand Final. Eurovision is a TV event and the scoring can drag live compared to at home, where you can enjoy the festivities, in another country!

Go for quality not quantity

We’ve had two experiences – going to one semi final only and going to every jury and live show possible. A happy medium is in the middle but the first time we went, we had an amazing five days at Eurovision and we only went to the one show. The atmosphere in the city, village and bars with other fans is half the fun.

Know your Bank’s security and anti-fraud needs

When purchasing OGAE Fan packages many fans have had their bank need verification through SMS or security questions. Some have also been blocked. Make sure you take note of things like customer numbers, passcodes and that you have SMS available (in case overseas). And also consider having multiple cards on hand, just in case! You don't want to have tickets but lose them because your card gets blocked!

Don’t stress if you don’t get tickets

There will be two more waves of tickets available including one in January. Additionally many fans have found it quite easy to get tickets on the ground through reputable sellers. We had a Jury Grand Final ticket in 2018 that we couldn’t give away! So don’t hold back on booking your trip if you don’t get tickets in this wave.

Don’t use dodgy resellers

Do not use the likes of Viagogo. We REPEAT DO NOT USE THESE SITES. There will be an official reselling mechanism this year and identity checks have been mentioned. Plus some of the tickets on those resell sites are extraordinarily high and/or fake.

Do start planning accommodation NOW

Rotterdam is going to be a very busy and popular Eurovision. If you have possible accommodation don’t wait to get tickets, get something sorted as soon as you can.

So good luck getting tickets this time round but remember – there are still PLENTY of opportunities to get them in the near future.


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