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Czech national final artists revealed

Overnight the Czech broadcaster Česká Televize announced the seven artists that will be competing in their national final, ESCZ 2020, to represent them in Rotterdam in May.

The competing artists are as follows:

  • Barbora Mochowa

  • Pam Rabbit

  • Olga Lounová

  • Ben Cristovao

  • Elis Mraz & Cis T

  • Karelll

  • We All Poop

Many Eurovision fans will know Barbora Mochowa’s name from last year’s national final, where she was quite a fan favourite but ultimately ended up losing out to Lake Malawi's 'Friend of a Friend'. She’s currently working on her second album, which does include the song that she will compete with in this year’s national final.

Pam Rabbit also competed in last year’s national final but ended up finishing 3rd. She is not new to Eurovision. Besides competing in last year’s national final, she was also a backing vocalist for Mikolas Josef in 2018.

Olga Lounová is a popular singer, songwriter and actress. She has had over 1500 concerts, numerous hit songs in the Czech Republic and multiple millions of Youtube views. She has also performed in a number of bands, including Blue Swings, Calathea and Blind Angie.

Benny Cristovao has been in the Czech music scene for 10 years, and his hits have had millions of views on Youtube. These include Bomby (24 million views on YouTube), Asio (14 million views) and Padam (24 million views). He has also played sold out shows to tens of thousands of people.

Elis Mraz is a singer and a songwriter, while Cis T is an urban hip hop artist.

Elis has made the semi finals of NOVA Voice of the Czech Republic while Cis T has been in the music scene for quite some time, having first recorded tracks in 1996.

Karelll is a singer, songwriter and a music producer, who studied in the UK. He’s fairly new on the scene, having first released a song only two years ago.

We all Poop are a pop-rock band consisting of lead singer Jakub Božek, bass guitarist Vojtěch Božek, guitarist Šimon Martínek and drummer Michal Jiráň.

Now the Czech selection is a bit unique in the sense that it is an online selection. Only the competing artists were announced today, with the songs being revealed next Monday.

People will be able to vote online via the Eurovision app with the winner to be revealed on February 3rd.

We will bring you all details on how to vote when the songs are releaed.

The Czech Republic will be looking to build on their recent success at the contest, having qualified for the final in three of the last four contests.


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