• Liv Webster

Diodato takes the ticket represent Italy at Eurovision 2020

In a marathon five hour extravaganza Diodato takes top honours at Sanremo Music Festival - gaining the ticket to represent Italy in Rotterdam with the entry 'Fai Rumore'. About the breakdown of a relationship and the unbearable silence between the two it's full of authenticity and passion. Diodato brings captivating simplicity to his performance allowing it to breathe and speak for itself.

Antonio Diodato hails from Aosta in the Italian alps and has participated in the festival twice prior to his win, notably with 'Adesso' in 2018. Taking runner-up and returning to the festival was Eurovision graduate Francesco Gabbani with 'Viceversa'.

Fan favourite Elodie finished a respectable 7th in an eye-catching year. As predicted by the Aussievision team Diodato won including calling four of the top five positions. The full results were as follows:

1. Diodato - 'Fai rumore' 2. Francesco Gabbani - 'Viceversa' 3. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - 'Ringo Starr'

4. Le Vibrazioni - 'Dov'è 5. Piero Pelù - 'Gigante' 6. Tosca - 'Ho amato tutto' 7. Elodie - 'Andromeda' 8. Achille Lauro - 'Me ne frego'

9. Irene Grandi - 'Finalmente' io 10. Rancore - 'Eden' 11. Raphael Gualazzi - 'Carioca' 12. Levante - 'Tikibombom' 13. Anastasio - 'Rosso di rabbia' 14. Alberto Urso - 'Il sole ad est' 15. Marco Masini - 'Il confronto' 16. Paolo Jannacci - 'Voglio parlarti adesso' 17. Rita Pavone - 'Niente (Resilienza 74)' 18. Michele Zarrillo - 'Nell'estasi o nel fango' 19. Enrico Nigiotti - 'Baciami adesso' 20. Giordana Angi - 'Come mia madre' 21. Elettra Lamborghini - 'Musica (e il resto scompare)' 22. Junior Cally - 'No grazie' 23. Riki - 'Lo sappiamo entrambi'

Italy has been knocking on the door for a win at Eurovision since their return - could Diadato make it happen in 2020? Give us your take at @aussievisionnet on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.