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Danny from Voyager visits his German childhood home

Following an epic run of Eurovision pre-parties, the members of Voyager have been taking some individual time out before they head to Liverpool.

Lead singer Danny Elstrin, used this opportunity to return to his birth-nation of Germany where he lived until relocating to Australia when 11 years old.

During the visit he has been promoting Australia's entry, including an appearance on Germany's annual ESC Songcheck show.

The show sees Eurovision and music experts rate each entry.

Australia finished in 7th place out of all entries on the show, an impressive result!

Following this, and other promo duties (all in fluent German), Danny took on his own personal voyage to where he grew up.

He visited his childhood home in Trelde, which is outside Buchholz in der Nordheide, which is outside Hamburg in northern Germany.

He captured the moment in a video for Voyager's social channels.

You can also check out the video on Facebook or Instagram.

He visits his grandparents' home in Hamburg Langenhorn, his first school, and the music school where he learnt to play the recorder. The first stop on his musical journey to the Eurovision Song Contest!

Danny, spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this month about his time in Germany and his parents.

He stated that his mother, Gunda, and father, Yuri migrated to Western Australia in 1992, meaning Danny lived in Germany during the point of its separation as East and West Germany and its reunification.

"My father is from the Soviet Union, an academic, and the reason we came to Australia. My parents were in their late 30s when they made that move and Mum learnt English in her late 40s. It was difficult for her to leave her culture and integrate at that age."

"Mum is the musical one. She played guitar as a young lass in Germany in various groups. I was raised on classical piano and violin and went from listening to classical music to metal. It didn’t matter if I wore black clothing or leather jackets, Mum was so supportive of my creative need. She is my biggest fan."

Danny's story of migration to Australia will be a familiar one to many.

The Australian Census in 2021 showed that:

  • 48% of Australians have a parent born overseas

  • 27% are born overseas themselves

  • 23% speak a language other than English at home

And this is the great important of broadcasters like SBS and why Eurovision matters so much to Australia.

Rehearsals for Eurovision 2023 begin on Sunday 30 April and we wish Voyager all the best of luck in their preparations..

And let's hope for 12 punkte aus Deutschland!

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