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Belgium release their song from Hooverphonic for Eurovision 2020

Belgium’s contestant Hooverphonic have finally released their Eurovision 2020 song, and it is called ‘Release Me’.

It premiered on the Flemish radio station MNM (it is worth noting that it’s the Flemish broadcaster’s turn to co-ordinate Belgium’s entry) this morning Belgian time and will also be subsequently presented at the headquarters of the Flemish broadcaster VRT.

Hooverphonic were the first contestant to be announced for the 2020 contest, back in October last year.

They have been popular in Belgium for a long time. They were formed in 1995, and two of the original members are still with the group. Bassist Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts were joined by lead vocalist Luka Cruysberghs in 2018, who is the sixth lead singer for the band.

Hooverphonic’s last nine albums have made the top 10 in the Belgian music charts, and three of them went to number one.

On an international level, they have also charted well in the Netherlands, who do vote in the same semi as Belgium at Eurovision 2020, and Hooverphonic have also made the Italian, French, Swiss and UK charts at one point or another. Italy also vote in Belgium’s semi, but unfortunately for them France and the UK are both voting in the other semi, and Switzerland are competing in the other semi final.

Belgium will be looking to reverse a recent form run, having gone from 4th place in 2017 to two non – qualifications in a row.


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