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Australia score first points in Eurojury 2020

Australia has scored received their first points from the Swiss jury as part of the annual Eurojury competition.

Eurojury, in its eighth year, combines a jury score from musicians of each Eurovision nation with a public vote for an overall winner.

The jury element is unique with fan site polls and is one we are officially supporting in 2020.

This year there are 180 jury members representing 42 nations including Australia.

The jury representing Australia are:

  • Dami Im (Eurovision 2016)

  • Jaguar Jonze (Australia Decides 2020)

  • Courtney Act (Australia Decides 2019)

  • Bella Paige (Junior Eurovision 2015)

  • Alexa Curtis (Junior Eurovision 2016)

  • Jordan Anthony (Junior Eurovision 2019)

  • Harrison Craig (The Voice winner 2013)

  • Julia Morris (TV presenter)

A selection of other jury membres include:

Conchita (Austria), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark), Krista Siegfrieds (Finland), Kalomira (Greece), Kati Wolf (Hungary), Ryan O'Shaughnessy (Ireland), Fred Buljo (KEiiNO & Norway), zalagasper (Slovenia), Anna Bergendahl (Sweden), Dotter (Sweden), ZiBBZ (Switzerland) and Michael Rice (UK).

The Top 10 of each country is revealed this month but NOT in order, with the full results out over three broadcasts on 27 April, 29 April and 1 May.

So far the results of Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Switzerland are the first nation to give Australia points:

You can also have your say as the public vote available here:


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