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Australia's Voyager move up in Eurovision 2023 odds

Credit: SBS

Before we start the article, if you are considering betting on Eurovision, think about what gambling is really costing you and take measures like setting a deposit limit.

Following a successful run of pre-party performances in Europe, Australia's Eurovision 2023 act Voyager has begun to climb in the odds.

Between the 8th and 16th of April the band performed live for fans in Madrid, Amsterdam and London.

Their performances were given glowing reviews by fan press and the crowd response was extremely positive.

And that has had an impact on the odds.....

All odds supplied below are form

Odds to win

Credit: Eurovisionworld

Voyager were ranked 19th in their chance to take out the Eurovision crown before the pre-parties.

They have now moved up to 15th, including a big jump in the last couple of days.

Although their chances to win are still slim (they are priced between $101 to $201), it does give an indication that their performance is resonating.

Top 10 odds

Credit: Eurovisionworld

The odds for Voyager to make the Top 10 is a more realistic market to look at.

Before the pre-parties they were ranked 21st among all entries to make the Top 10 and they have steadily climbed to 17th since then.

Again, these aren't huge jumps but they are very positive signs of how people think they will go in Liverpool.

They are paying $3.50 to $5.00 to make the Top 10.

Qualification odds

Credit: Eurovisionworld

Voyager are almost unbackable as the 2nd favourite to qualify from semi-final 2 after Austria.

They are paying between $1.05 to $1.11 to make it to the Grand Final.

This is great news for Australia as just being there on the Saturday night is a huge achievement in itself.

Of course, the odds are just an indication and can fluctuate between being very accurate to really wildly wrong.

You can read our analysis on how accurate the odds are at Eurovision here.

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