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Australia Decides artists Jaguar Jonze shares COVID-19 result

At this year's Australia Decides Jaguar Jonze was a fan favourite with her energetic and unique performance of 'Rabbit Hole'.

Following the national final, she travelled to the United States for a North American tour that was cut short because of COVID-19.

She flew back over a week ago and like all Australians returning from overseas, she went into self-isolation.

She then began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and shared that she was going to be tested for the virus. This week she revealed that she had indeed tested positive, releasing this statement on Instagram:

"Hey everyone, I promised I’d update and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been focused on recovering and I can’t remember the last time I felt this lethargic, to the point that I haven’t been able to do anything except be a potato. So I’ve also been relishing in potato life and learning to slow down. I’ve been dealing with a fluctuating fever but today I feel a lot better than the last 4 days. And today, I finally got my test results back and unfortunately, I’ve tested positive for COVID-19.

Tracking it back, they think I would’ve caught it on my journey back home from the US. The ironic thing is, I booked an early flight back from the US to be safe and at home in Australia. I wore a mask my entire flight and hand sanitised/ washed my hands at every given moment. This shows how easy it is to spread and shows the importance of self-isolation right now. It was extremely difficult for me to get a test despite having symptoms and coming from overseas because resources are low, which cements again the importance of social distancing. I could’ve easily been an unconfirmed case and I’m sure there are still many unconfirmed cases right now. We need to squash this virus and we need to do it in drastic ways to protect our society and the effect it’s going to have on the economy. I’m going back to potato life to recover but I’ll be in touch again while in quarantine. Please be social distancing, I promise once I feel better I will think of ways for us to feel connected in a disconnecting time. 🐱❤️"

We wish Jaguar a speedy recovery!


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