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Australia Decides 2022: The betting odds from Aussie bookmakers

Much has been made of the betting odds for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' this week.

Sheldon Riley is a heavy favourite with a 55% chance of winning with some bookies having him as low as $1.27 and the next closest act has been put out as far as $9.00.

However, this commentary has been made looking at the markets coming in internationally.

However, the bookmakers in Australia have the field a little bit closer.

Betting company Sportsbet, still has Sheldon as a heavy favourite at $1.60 to win.

However, they have the field much closer.

Five other acts are under $10:

  • G-Nat!on - $5.00

  • Paulini - $6.00

  • Jaguar Jonze - $7.50

  • Isaiah Firebrace & Evie Irie - $8.00

  • Voyager - $9.00

There are some big differences in there, particularly Jaguar Jonze who is 7th favourite internationally with her best odds at $16.00 there, but she is $7.50 here in Australia.

Another mover is Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie who are 9th internationally with odds out as much as $28.00, while in Australia they are 5th in the odds at $8.00.

While Charley, who is 3rd favourite internationally at $6.60, is only 7th favourite in Australia at $10.

Check out the odds at Sportsbet but please do remember to gamble responsibly, and if you need help visit

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