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Australia could win a historic Eurovision contest this weekend

This weekend Australia have the chance to win a Eurovision competition that has been going for over thirty years!

The OGAE Second Chance has been running since 1987 and is run by the international branch of Eurovision fan clubs known as Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision, English translation General Organisation of Eurovision Fans, or OGAE for short.

The contest sees each country’s club choose one song that didn’t win their national final to represent them in what is essentially a ‘Second Chance’ (hence the contest name).

Much like Eurovision, each nation’s club votes for their favourites and comes up with their collated 12, 10, 8 points down to 1. The scores are tallied and a winner is chosen.

It’s basically a B Grade Eurovision (with A class songs) only voted by official fan club members.

It’s all done via YouTube clips, but back in the day, video tapes and DVDs were sent across Europe. It has quite the history!

Former winners have included Eurovision winners Carola, Helena Paparizou and Mans Zelmerlow plus other Eurovision alumni including Sanna Nielsen, Hera Bjork, Yohanna and Pastora Soler. Sweden has won the competition 15 times, with Italy next best on three.

Australia is making its debut in the contest since we only held our first national final this year. The OGAE Australia club voted to send Electric Fields with ‘2000 and Whatever’ to represent us and we are a real shot to win it.

There are 24 songs competing and our main rivals appear to be Aly Ryan from Germany with ‘Wear Your Love’, Anna Bergendahl from Sweden with ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and Seemone with 'Tous Les Deux'. Anna Bergendahl isn’t the only former Eurovision entrant with Darude, András Kállay-Saunders (The MIddletonz), Mørland and Il Volo also representing their nation.

With the calibre of entries, anyone really could win it.

The results will be announced this weekend and we really believe Australia could take out the trophy and make it a truly historic win.

If this sounds like the kind of fun you’d like to vote in, make sure you join your official OGAE Club. Search for your club or for Australians visit http://ogaeaustralia.com/ to get involved. It’s well worth the small joining fee.

Full list of songs competing below:

  1. Albania: Mirud - Nene

  2. Australia: Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever

  3. Croatia: Lorena - Tower of Babylon

  4. Czech Republic: Barbora Mochowa - True Colours

  5. Denmark: Julie and Nina - League of Light

  6. Estonia: Lumervav ft Inga - Milline Päev

  7. Finland: Darude ft Sebastian Rejman - Superman

  8. France: Seemone - Tous Les Deux

  9. Germany: Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love

  10. Hungary: The Middletonz - Roses

  11. Iceland: Friðrik Ómar - Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?

  12. Italy: Il Volo - Musica Che Resta

  13. Latvia: Edgars Kreilis - Cherry Absinthe

  14. Lithuania: Monika Marija - Light On

  15. Moldova: Maxim Zavidia - I Will Not Surrender

  16. Norway: Mørland - En Livredd Mann

  17. Portugal: Surma - Pugna

  18. Romania: Bella Santiago - Army of Love

  19. Serbia: Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings - Moje Bol

  20. Slovenia: Ula Lozar - Fridays

  21. Spain: María Villar - Muérdeme

  22. Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - Ashes to Ashes

  23. Ukraine: Kazka - Apart

  24. United Kingdom: Kerrie-Anne - Sweet Lies

You can watch the songs via this YouTube playlist.

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