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Aussievision votes: Moldova's top 10 Eurovision songs

Today, August 27, is Independence Day in the Republic of Moldova. It is a public holiday that commemorates when Moldova became an independent nation from the Soviet Union.

In celebration, the Aussievision team has voted for their favourite Moldovan entries out of all 18 entries, including from the cancelled Contest in 2020.

Moldova made their debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and have participated 17 times. Out of those time they reached the Grand Final on 12 occasions. For a small country of 2.5 million people Moldova has a pretty good track record in the Grand Final. With five top 10 finishes Moldova certainly punches above its weight!

There is a lot of love for Moldova out there in Eurovision land especially from Australian fans, and each year we are excited to see what they can bring.

So let’s have a look at what the Aussievision team voted for as their favourites - also check out for comments from the team!

18. Geta Burlacu - 'A Century of Love' (2008) 1 point

17. Cristina Scarlat - 'Wild Soul' (2014) 3 points

16. Arsenium ft Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R - 'Loca' (2006) 6 points

15. Natalia Barbu - 'Fight' (2007) 11 points

14. Anna Odobescu - 'Stay' (2019) 19 points

13. Eduard Romanyuta - 'I Want Your Love' (2015) 29 points

12. Zdob și Zdub - 'Boonika bate toba' (2005) 33 points

11. Pasha Parfeny - 'Lăutar' (2012) 38 points

10. Natalia Gordienko - 'Prison' (2020) 40 points

(8 points from Steven, 7 points from Kyriakos, Josh and Liv)

2020 was the year of Eurovision "what ifs' and sadly, we never got to see Natalia perform 'Prison' on the Eurovision stage due to the cancellation of the Contest. This would have been Natalia's second appearance at Eurovision, but luckily she was given the chance to represent her country again in 2021.

"There is something undeniably dated and odd about this song...and I BLOODY LOVE IT. Honestly the janky set up and flow of the song really works and takes me on a spiritual journey each listen. In the national final this was an easy stand out and was in my Top 3 of 2020." ~ Liv

9. Nelly Ciobanu - 'Hora din Moldova' (2009) 46 points

(12 points from Justin and Liv, 10 points from Laura)

In 2009, Moldova brought us a song absolutely packed with culture. Sung in Romanian (their national language) and dressed in traditional clothes, this high energy song really has impact and confirms there will always be a place at Eurovision for traditional folk songs. 'Hora din Moldova' finished in 14th place in the Grand Final.

"Hora din Moldova' has literal resurrection abilities. It doesn't matter how drunk, sober or dead I am - I'll be out on the dance floor doing some kind dance mimicking Nelly Ciobanu's." ~ Liv

"With the conscious, pointed decision to return to Moldovan roots in 2022, it’s actually refreshing looking back and seeing a song celebrating Moldova sung in Romanian at a contest held in Moscow. Not to mention it’s just as catchy as all of their Romanian language entries!" ~ Justin

8. Lidia Isac - 'Falling Stars' (2016) 47 points

(10 points from Dale, 8 points from Stef, 7 points from Colleen)

The gorgeous Lidia Isac represented Moldova at the 2016 Contest in Stockholm. On stage she was joined by a dancing space man, but unfortunately, that was not enough for her to progress to the Grand Final. However, this song is very much loved by the Aussievision team and we think she definitely deserved better!

7. Zdob și Zdub - 'So Lucky' (2011) 51 points

(12 points from Fleur, 10 points from Colleen)

In 2011, Zdob și Zdub were back representing Moldova. They brought us pointy hats, a unicycle, and a catchy song! What could be considered by some as a novelty entry, 'So Lucky' is actually a love song about being infatuated with a beautiful girl. In 2011, Moldova finished in 12th place in the Grand Final.

"Pointy hats, unicycles, trumpets and flutes. Oh and Roman wears a monocle at the end. Only Moldova could pull this off. Even though this is the only Zdob si Zdub song that did not finish in the top 10, it is my favourite of their entries and my favourite Moldovan entry overall. This song is so catchy and is still one that I listen to often. It is really is Eurovision perfection."

~ Fleur

6. Aliona Moon - 'O mie' (2013) 64 points

(12 points from Tim, 10 points from Hayley and Liv)

'O mie', sung in the Moldovan tongue of Romanian, is about a lost love with the last lyric translating to “I want a new beginning”. This staging was absolutely captivating, featuring gorgeous Aliona stylised with a look that you would see in a sci-fi series. Her magical white dress had images projected onto it during the song, and then towards the end, Aliona rises up from the stage! 'O mie' finished in 11th place in the Grand Final.

"In all of the insane entries that Moldova have sent, ‘O mie’ has always stood out as such a beautiful ballad that builds up wonderfully. Aliona has such a powerful voice that really makes it stands out compared to other Moldovan entries. The structure of the song is also really impressive with the stop start mechanism. The live performance literally raised the bar on ballads at Eurovision." ~ Tim

5. Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - 'Run Away' (2010) 96 points

(12 points from Hayley, 10 points from Fleur and Tim, 8 points from Leith)

On what would become an absolute iconic entry for Moldova, this extremely catchy song from the Sunstroke Project featured Moldovan singer Olia Tira on vocals. Epic Sax Guy made his famous debut, launching a thousand memes and gifs. This would not be the last time we would see this captivating band on the Eurovision stage! 'Run Away' finished in 22nd place in the Grand Final.

"It’s iconic and I still listen to to this song all the time. It brings me such joy! I love to absolutely belt out the chorus to this and it is my dream to one day dress up as Olia Tira at a Eurovision party!" ~ Hayley

4. Natalia Gordienko - 'Sugar' (2021) 104 points

(12 points from Leith and Teddy, 8 points from Hayley, Fleur, Josh and Laura)

In 2021, Moldova bought us an absolute banger of a song with a killer bass line. Natalia Gordienko and her hair returned to Eurovision for the second time with her charisma shining through. She will forever be remembered for her epic 17 second long note at the end! 'Sugar' finished in 13th place in the Grand Final.

"The song on its own is okay, the staging isn’t that remarkable and Natalia has a look on her face like she’s been told to smile or one of the hostages gets killed. But as a package there is something camp and brilliant about it that makes me smile. The literal mic drop moment will live rent free in my head forever. Shooga shooga indeed." ~ Leith

"In her seminal essay "Notes on Camp", Susan Sontag describes "camp" as a fusion of questionable taste and impeccable presentation - it's silliness presented with utmost earnestness and professionalism, thus elevating what could be nonsense to the level of true art. Natalia Gordienko is the epitome of camp and I will never stop being obsessed. Period."

~ Teddy

3. Sunstroke Project - ‘Hey Mamma!’ (2017) 105 points

(12 points from John, Josh, Stef and Emma, 10 points from Kyriakos, 8 points from Justin and Laura)

In 2017, Epic Sax guy came back to Eurovision with brand new sax-dance! The SunStroke Project once again brought us their infectious energy, singing about forbidden love and a mother that doesn’t approve! In the Grand Final, this song finished in 3rd place and is their best result yet!

"That entry is my 12 points because it is the highest-ranked among all of Moldova's entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. It has the similar vibe to Smash Mouth's 'All Star', but leans more European because of the prevalence of the Epic Sax Guy. Also, their live performance made the audience felt like they're dancing to the rhythm. It is a song dedicated to those who want their permission from their parents to go on a relationship or getting married" ~John

"There is something so fun about this song, the saxophone, and the ridiculous leg dance! It brings me so much joy!" ~Stef

"Hey Mamma is my favourite all-time Moldovan Eurovision entry. The studio version sounds great and the live performance only elevated the story portrayed in the official video. It was catchy, entertaining, cheeky and had some great choreography and LED use that really sold the song. I still listen to this regularly and still love it just as much as I did five years ago."

~ Emma

2. DoReDoS - ‘My Lucky Day’ (2018) 111 points

(12 points from Steven and Dale, 10 points from Leith, Josh, 8 points from John, Teddy and Liv)

'My Lucky Day' is a catchy little song about love with a twist and was elevated by the simple yet incredibly clever choreographed staging featuring the three singers dressed in the colours of the Moldovan flag sneaking in and out of doors to see their love. 'My Lucky Day' finished in 10th place at the Grand Final.

"A camp, comedic classic of an ear worm featuring one of the best uses of deceptively simplistic staging that I’ve seen in a long while. Every Eurovision year needs a non-serious act that brings this much" ~Steven

"DoReDoS gave us a lesson in how to stage a Eurovision without LEDs. Their clever, charismatic and camp performance won many over during that week in Lisbon. I personally loved the song leading up as well, it brings that catchy Romany trumpet that I simply adore" ~Dale

1. Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers - 'Trenulețul' (2022) 124 points

(12 points from Kyriakos, Colleen and Laura, 10 points from Steven, John, Justin, Stef and Emma, 8 points from Tim)

Well - it is no surprise that the 2022 Moldovan entry topped the Aussievision vote. 'Trenulețul' is a joyful little ditty about the legendary train journey that travels between the capital cities of Moldova and Romania. At the 2022 Grand Final in Turin, this song absolutely brought the house down! 'Trenulețul' finished in 7th place in the Grand Final.

"The song is really uplifting!! You can’t help but not dance to this. It’s just a refreshing positive traditional song that is super memorable. They were robbed!" ~Kyriakos

"I don't know what they laced this song with but it's so catchy. Every time I get up to go somewhere I think "hey ho, let's go!" and then all of a sudden 'Trenuletul' gets stuck in my head again. Even my mum who only watches Eurovision once a year loves this song. It's just so much FUN! Zdob si Zdub need to collaborate with Sunstroke Project and win Eurovision for Moldova!" ~Laura

"I saw potential in the little train that could since the Moldovan auditions. Despite some initial concerns with the revamp and their not being permitted a train on stage, I never left its side. Due to this, and the fact it came second in the televote, I now have an emotional attachment to the song, Zdob și Zdub, and Frații Advahov." ~Colleen

We thank Moldova for bringing so much Eurovision joy to the stage. Maybe soon (hopefully) we will find ourselves heading to Chișinău for the Contest!

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