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Aussievision team's favourite Halloween-themed Eurovision songs

Today, October 31, is Halloween. This celebration, which initially had Christian roots, has in the modern world developed into a date where people dress up in often scary costumes, go trick or treating, or host fun gatherings.

To mark this date we at Aussievision have decided to come up with a list of our favourite Halloween-themed Eurovision songs.

When we say Halloween-themed, we mean songs that are spooky, magic related or just downright bizarre. Luckily we were spoilt for choice, as Eurovision often presents many strange and quirky entries.

Here are nine nightmarish tunes that best encapsulate the Halloween theme. Find out what these scary songs are if you dare...

Here they are in reverse chronological order.

Teya and Salena - 'Who The Hell is Edgar?' (Austria, 2023)

"I never knew that a song that is literally about being possessed by a ghost could be such a bop!! Also there’s nothing spookier than Edgar Allan Poe and nothing scarier for a musician than getting paid just $0.003 for every stream of a song on a certain streaming service - eek!" ~ Laura

Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo (Cyprus, 2021)

"A pop banger about giving your heart to “el diablo”, yes please. For a song about the devil its rather catchy! The moment the title of the song is displayed in big letters and on fire, while Elena and her dancers hit that choreo is just chefs kiss!" ~ Kyriakos

MELOVIN - 'Under the Ladder' (Ukraine, 2018)

"Like Christopher Lee's Dracula waking up from a Hammer Production, this was the perfect way to start the 2018 final. Sadly, got caned by the juries. But definitely one of the most memorable stagings in recent years." ~ Fleur

"Ukraine doesn't do things by halves, and with Melovin they locked onto the vampire aesthetic to a degree that is either terrifying or admirable (I'm still deciding). Great song too!" ~ Craig

Saara Aalto - 'Monsters' (Finland, 2018)

"My favourite Halloween-themed Eurovision song is Saara Aalto's 'Monsters' where she tells us that she ain't scared no more of the Monsters under her bed! How this came second last in 2018 still astounds me. She had such a slick package - her vocals hit all the right notes and there was some great choreo going on. And who could forget the smoke machine, pyro and giant spinning wheel that saw her briefly singing upside down as well. This performance had it all and I loved it!" ~ Emma

Equinox - 'Bones' (Bulgaria, 2018)

"This is my winner from 2018 and should’ve done better! I love the harmonies, the haunting quality and the dark tones of ‘Bones’. If it wasn’t for the disjointed staging, they would’ve challenged for the win; and aptly titled for a spooky Halloween!" ~ Hugo

Elnur Hüseynov - 'Hour of the Wolf' (Azerbaijan, 2015)

"I l just adore this song and always found the staging with the dark greys and black with the trees almost menacing that fit the lyrics of torment." ~ Hayley

Cezar - 'It's My Life' (Romania, 2013)

"'It’s My Life' is an eye-popping, spine-chilling, blood-curdling delight that takes vampire camp to a spooktacular level. I’d been waiting for years for Romania to pay homage to Transylvania! Fangs, Cezar! 🧛" ~ Steven

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland, 2006)

"When the gates of hell open up I would want to be greeted by these Finnish creatures, honestly Mr Lordi and the whole band would be the friendliest monsters you would ever meet! Their performance of ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ is just epic. Love everything about it from the reveal of Mr Lordi’s wings, to the over the top pyro. They would be the life at any Halloween party." ~ Kyriakos

Youddiph - 'Vechny Strannik' (Russia, 1994)

"Russia's government these days is pretty scary, but back in 1994 so was their debut Eurovision entry in a way. The song translates to 'Eternal Wanderer' in English, and this is reflected in the eerie instrumental arrangement of the piece. Youddiph herself is dressed as a haunting nomad. Her red frock is perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing ever to grace a Eurovision stage. It has major Red Riding Hood vibes or as BBC commentator Terry Wogan remarked is like "a sundried tomato". This haunting, infectious tune will forever remain in my head. I like how it is so rustic and original compared to all of Russia's other Eurovision entries." ~ Sam

Did any of your favourite Halloween-themed Eurovision songs make this list? Let us know on our socials. We hope you have a delightfully demonic Halloween celebration.

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