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Aussievision Eurovision Trivia Tournament Winner Crowned

Over 100 Eurovision trivia buffs entered the Aussieivision Eurovision Trivia Tournament a few weeks ago and tonight, after getting through multiple rounds, we have crowned a winner!

Nick van Lith from The Netherlands took out the title finishing on 141 points, a full 20 points ahead of his nearest rival.

Nick told us after his victory: "Winning the Aussievision Eurovision Trivia Tournament is unbelievable. The quiz was incredibly challenging at times, with some obscure knowledge needed to answer the questions correctly. I never knew I possessed such knowledge. This may be a sign I need to start looking for an actual life, haha! Well done to everyone who took part as well. It's been great competing with you all! Thanks also to Dale and Mike for producing this tournament. It's been a welcome change from the news!"

The final standings were:

  1. Nick (The Netherlands)

  2. Sean (United States)

  3. Evan (United States)

  4. Ryan (United Kingdom)

  5. Adrian (Australia)

  6. Tom (United Kingdom)

  7. Jack (Israel)

  8. Celso (Portugal)

  9. Anita (United Kingdom)

  10. Angelito (Australia)

And how do you think you would have gone? Here are 10 of the 26 questions below (with answers at the bottom)

Which Eurovision Song Contest had the slogan "Magical Rendezvous"?

  • 2002 - Tallin

  • 2003 - Riga

  • 2004 - Istanbul

  • 2005 - Kyiv

Hungary's highest finish was achieved by which of these entries?

  • Joci Pápai - Origo

  • Friderika Bayer - "Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?"

  • Csaba Szigeti - "Új név a régi ház falán"

  • András Kállay-Saunders - "Running"

Which of these country's debuted the earliest?

  • Malta

  • Israel

  • Greece

  • Turkey

How did the 2008 French entry Sebastian Tellier arrive on stage?

  • By unicycle

  • By mobility scooter

  • By golf kart

  • By rollerblades

Which of these Eurovision winners won barefoot?

  • Eimear Quinn

  • Lulu

  • Ruslana

  • Dima Bilan

Which 2010s winning entry had the smallest margin of victory?

  • Ell & Nikki - "Running Scared"

  • Måns Zelmerlöw - "Heroes"

  • Jamala - "1944"

  • Duncan Laurence - "Arcade"

Which song won the Marcel Bezençon composer award at the 2013 contest?

  • "Feed You My Love"

  • "Birds"

  • "You"

  • "L'essenziale"

Which of these countries finished highest on their debut?

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Latvia

  • Russia

  • Poland

Katja Ebstein performed at Eurovision three times for Germany, but in which year did she finish runner-up?

  • 1970

  • 1971

  • 1980

  • She never finished runner-up

What song was the first to score 0 points after the 12 point system was introduced in 1975?

  • "Mil etter mil"

  • "Nuku pommiin"

  • "Opera"

  • "Aldri i livet"


2003 - Riga

Friderika Bayer - "Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?"


By golf kart

Dima Bilan

Jamala - "1944"




"Mil etter mil"


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