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Artists Announced for Finland's National Final 'UMK 2021'

Finland’s broadcaster Yle have announced the seven artists taking part in their national final UMK for 2021.

One of the most notable names is Aksel, who was the winner of UMK last year and would have been Finland’s Eurovision 2020 representative if it had of gone ahead. His participation comes as a surprise, after Aksel had earlier announced that he had not made a submission for this year.

Another recogisable name is Laura, who is a well known artist in Estonia and represented Estonia at Eurovision in 2005 when she was part of the group Suntribe, with the song ‘Let’s Get Loud’. She then returned to the contest in 2017 with Koit Toome in ‘Verona’.

The line-up also includes Blind Chanel (with a style described as ‘violent pop’), the Teflon Brothers (a Finnish hip hop group) and Ilta (a 22 year old singer songwriter).

The full artist line-up including song titles:

  • Ilta - 'Kelle mä soitan'

  • Laura - 'Play'

  • Oskr - 'Lie'

  • Teflon Brothers X Pandora - 'I Love You'

  • Aksel - 'Hurt'

  • Danny - 'Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua'

  • Blind Channel - 'Dark Side'

Each artist’s song will be released individually over the next seven days starting on January 14.

UMK will take part on February 20 (the morning of the 21st Australian time). The winner will be decided by a mixed vote from the public and an international jury.


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