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All songs for the Junior Eurovision 2021 Dutch National Final 'Junior Songfestival' released

Photo Credit: JuniorSongfestival.NL

This week the fourth and final song that will be competing in the Dutch Junior Eurovision National Final, Junior Songfestival, was released, which means we now have the whole field of competing songs.

Let’s take a look at who will be vying to represent The Netherlands in Paris in December, as well as all you need to know about the Dutch National Final.

The Songs

Ayana - ‘Mata Sugu Aō Ne’

Soloist Ayana will be singing ‘Mata Sugu Aō Ne’, which contains lyrics in English, Dutch and Japanese.

‘Mata Sugu Aō Ne’ is about Ayana missing someone (not specified who) and wanting to be with them.

If Ayana did win, it would be the second time lyrics in Japanese would be heard at Junior Eurovision, after Serbia’s 2006 entry ‘Učimo strane jezike’.

Melody - ‘Niet Wat Vrienden Doen’

Melody are a girl group made up of five girls - Angelina, Ceder, Faye, Mirre and Soline.

‘Niet Wat Vrienden Doen’ translates to ‘That’s not what friends do’ and is about a friend who has made a mistake, but the singer is torn about wanting to forgive them or not.

Priscilla - ‘Be Alright’

The second of the soloists competing in this year’s Dutch National Final is Priscilla, who will sing ‘Be Alright’.

This up-tempo bop is quite the little motivational song, talking about how Priscilla wakes up every day with a smile on her face, and: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, It’ll all turn out alright”

Sh!ne - 'A Million Little Things’

The final song released was ‘A Million Little Things’, which will be sung by the trio Sh!ne. Shine are the first trio to compete at Junior Songfestival since they got rid of the semi finals after the 2017 edition.

This sweet, pleasant tune is all about the joys of the little things in life, such as "the sun on my face" and "my hair in the wind".

Junior Songfestival 2021 Date

The show will take place on September 25 2021 (European time), which is the morning of 26th September Australian time. No start time has been revealed yet, but keep an eye out for the news, which is sure to be released soon.

Junior Songfestival 2021 Venue

Unfortunately there’s no details on where the Dutch National Final will be held at this stage, but last year it was held at the Ahoy Arena, which fans will recognise as the host arena for this year’s adult Eurovision. Time will tell whether Ahoy gets another go at hosting duties.

How can I watch?

There will be a livestream for international audiences to watch, but it has not been released yet. Stay tuned!


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