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Albina wins Dora and will represent Croatia in Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021

Albina Grčić has won the Croatian national final, 'Dora 2021', with her song ‘Tick-Tock’ earning her the opportunity to go to Rotterdam as Croatia’s Eurovision 2021 representative!

Albina participated in the third season of 'The Voice Hrvatska', which aired last year. She was immediately secured a recording contract with Universal Music Croatia following her appearance, and released her debut single, ‘Imuna na strah’, in October last year.

Albina Grčić grew up in a musical family and went to music school at eight-years-old. She learned to play the piano in music school, and participated in musicals, which she highlights as one of the turning points in her life. This gave her the opportunity to discover the possibility of interpreting emotions through dance and acting, which she likes to combine with singing. All of these experiences shaped Albina as a singer who was introduced to a wider audience in early 2020.

She participated in Dora 2021 with the song 'Tick-Tock' with the belief this entry would become her signature song and make her more well known in the Croatian music scene. And she was right, 'Tick-Tock' was the highlight bop of the night.

The full results of Dora 2021 (combined regional jury and televoting):

1. Albina - 'Tick-Tock' - 198 points

2. Nina Kraljić (Alkonost of Balkan) - 'Rijeka' - 145 points

3. Mia - 'She's Like a Dream' - 119 points

4. Cambi - 'Zaljubljen' - 118 points

5. Filip Rudan 'Blind' - 118 points

6. ToMa - 'Ocean of Love' - 103 points

7. Bernarda - 'Colors' - 99 points

8. Tony and Kiki - 'Zapjevaj, sloboda je!' - 77 points

9. Ella Orešković - 'Come This Way' - 52 points

10. Eric Vidović - 'Reci mi' - 45 points

11. Ashley Colburn and Bojan Jambrošić - 'Share the Love' - 43 points

12. Beta Sudar 'Ma zamisli' - 16 points

13. Brigita Vuco - 'Noći pijane' - 15 points

14. Sandi Cenov - 'Kriv' - 12 points

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