• Dale Roberts

7 Eurovision gifts you can still get before Christmas 2019

1. Eurovision t-shirt from Redbubble - $24.08

Redbubble have a HUGE range of Eurovision themed shirts and clothing available. From your favourite song to your favourite country, it's all available here with a quick delivery turn around.

Search Eurovision themed clothing here

2. Eurovision mug - $17.86

Another great option from Redbubble is this range of Eurovision mugs included the Bucks Fizz one pictured above. This is perfect to drink your coffee from as you pry your eyes open watching the Latvian national final at 5am.

Buy from from the Mini Pop Icons shop at Redbubble

3. Eurovision Fan Club Membership - $25

This is an absolute bargain! Not only do you get to join a community of like minded fans, you get discount on events (which pretty much saves you your money straight away) and inside info on competitions and tickets. Join now and get your fellow Eurovision fan friends ones as well.

4. European Flag Bunting - $15.00

It's NEVER too early to get your flag bunting for the Eurovision season. This is the tried and tested bunting we use here at Aussievision which is a bargain for just $15.

Buy from Custom Flags Australia

5. Tickets for Australia Decides on the Gold Coast - $30-75

If you can't attend the big contest in Rotterdam, this is the next best thing. Eurovision - Australia Decides is a live TV event with 10 artists to choose our representative for the 2020 contest. With names like Vanessa Amorosi, Casey Donovan, Mitch Tambo and Montaigne already announced, you'd be a fool to miss out! (Gift excludes flights and accommodation!)

Purchase tickets from Ticketek

6. Eurovision DVD - $36.64

Yes you can watch it on YouTube but isn't it nice to have a copy of each year in your own hands? It's also an easy gift that you can buy online or in some JB-HiFi stores. Prices are from $36.64 for this year's contest but also worth shopping around.

7. eBay Eurovision random items

Australian based eBay users are selling all sorts of old merchandise including CDs from almost every contest, plus posters, DVDs and other merchandise. These items are become more and more collectable, so even though CDs are dead now, it might be worth getting your hands on them if you are a Eurovision tragic.

Also buying through an Australian seller should see your purchases reach you before Christmas.

Search items here

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