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We have all 41 songs for Eurovision 2019

A busy few months came to a frenetic end with 16 songs revealed in the final week up until the EBU deadline.

There is 17 songs in Semi Final 1, 18 songs in Semi Final 2 and of course the remaining 6 are made up of the 'Big 5' plus hosts Israel.

With 41 songs this is the smallest Eurovision contest since 2015 when there were only 40 nations taking part.

We have put together a playlist of each semi final (split into first and second halves) as well as the 'Big 5' and hosts Israel. You can watch these below:

Semi Final 1: YouTube playlist

Semi Final 2: YouTube playlist

Big 5 + Hosts: YouTube playlist

Currently Netherlands is the bookies favourite ahead of Russia, Sweden, Switzerland Italy.

Among the fans of My Eurovision Scoreboard Netherlands leads ahead of Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus and Norway.

Australia sits 20th with the bookies and the fans.

If you need help in determining what your top 10 is or your full top 41 these two tools are the best to use.

My Eurovision Scoreboard

An app that helps you put your entries in order plus see how the fan community have voted.

Mr Gerbear's Eurovision 2019 Favourites Sorter

If you are unsure how you could possibly rank all the songs, this is the tool for you. This sorter puts each song in a head to head battle, you just choose which you like more and over time Mr Gerbear will work out your full Top 41 in order.

KAN Douze or Boos

The Israeli broadcaster has put together a 'Tinder' style tool that helps you pick your favourites. You will hear up to 20 seconds of each song without a name, artist or country and you either Douze it (love it) or Boo it (bin it). It'll then collate your favourites at the end. This might be a good tool to introduce your once-a-year fans or newbies to the comp.

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