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Australian radio DJ suspended for playing Eurovision entrant 'Zero Gravity'

A community radio DJ in Albany, Western Australia has been 'suspended indefinitely' for playing Kate Miller-Heidke's song Zero Gravity and other 'modern' music.

Ian Alexander, 71, who is a former Labor politician, has been presenting on Albany Community Radio on and off since 2011.

The station's demographic is skewed to, let's say, an 'older' audience and the station told 'The Australian' that he had been suspended for "a combination of things, including not playing the right type of music.”

Although he did play station favourites from the 1950s, he went rogue and snuck in other artists including Mumford & Sons, Lily Allen, Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor and of course Kate Miller-Heidke.

Disagreements at the station peaked at their AGM last week when security were present throughout and the police had to be called to a group of mainly senior listeners and volunteers.

We asked Ian about his suspension and playing Kate's song, he told us:

"I love Kate’s Zero Gravity which shows off her amazing voice and singing talent . I’ve been a fan of herd for a decade or more."

Although not a die-hard Eurovision fan he takes a keen interest, "I’m not into Eurovision in a big way but I like to watch the finals, especially when Australia is in contention. I love Jessica Mauboy’s song 'We Got Love' and would have played it on radio in the lead up to Eurovision."

We think the station has lost a passionate music presenter and the good people of Albany should get to hear 'Zero Gravity' as much as possible! Here's hoping he gets back on the airwaves sooner rather than later.

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