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Grand final wash up - the numbers

So Eurovision is all over and we all know Netta and 'Toy' won the contest for Israel. It was the nation's fourth Eurovision win.

Cyprus received their best result ever in 2nd place as did Czech Republic in 6th.

Austria surprisingly topped the juries but a 13th in the televote saw him slip to 3rd overall. Sweden finished runner up in the jury but a lowly 23rd in the televote to finish 7th overall - the nation's fifth straight top 10.

Australia finished 12th in the jury and 26th in the televote to place 20th overall.

The semi final results also came out with Australia finishing 4th in semi final two with a 3rd in the jury and 7th in the televote.

We received televotes from 16 of the 18 nations in the semi final.

Interstingly Israel won their jury vote in semi final one (beating Austria) but were only fourth in the televote, which Cyprus won.

Norway won semi final two but failed to make the top 10 in the final. Sweden was the highest placed finisher of semi two finishing in 7th spot.

Further wash up of all the results will come over the following days.

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