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Watch: Eurovision official recap with our quick guide on who to look out for

Eurovision has released their official recap of all 43 songs. At 16 minutes it does need a little bit of time to get through but is an extensive and fair overview of each nation's song. As a guide here are some songs to look out for:

  • Australia - Fifth in the odds but only 15th in the odds, it's our entry for 2018

  • Belgium - Fourth in the odds and fifth with fans

  • Bulgaria - Sixth in odds, ninth with fans - top 5 past two years

  • Cyprus - Third with the fans, this is a medpop banger

  • Czech Republic - Third in the odds and eighth with fans

  • Estonia - Second with the bookies and sixth with fans (and it's operatic)

  • Finland - Fourth favourite with the fans, Saara Aalto came 2nd in X Factor UK

  • France - This story of a refugee born at sea is second with fans, tenth in the odds

  • Israel - bookies and fan favourite with some unusual vocals

  • Netherlands - 2014 runner-up Waylon returns with country rock, ninth in odds

  • Norway - 2009 winner Alex Rybak returns with this entry, ninth in the odds

  • Sweden - seventh with bookies and 11th with fans, but Sweden is always a threat

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