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National Final Countdown shortlist revealed

At Aussievision we are attempting to find the best National Final song never to make Eurovision. So we called on you to provide your nominations from 2017 backwards.

Over 700 individual nominations were received and we crunched the numbers and we have a shortlist of 136 songs you can see below.

We will release the voting form this week where you must choose your top 10 and vote in usual Eurovision fashion (12, 10, 8 etc). We will provide a YouTube playlist and Spotify list as well. The Top 100 will be revealed during the week of March 5.

Abba - Ring Ring

Ace Wilder - Busy Doin' Nothin'

Ace Wilder - Don’t Worry

Ace Wilder - Wild Child

Adelen - Bombo

Alcazar - Not a sinner nor a saint

Alcazar - Stay the Night

Alessio Bernabei - Noi Siamo Infinito

Alice - Running With Lions

Angeelia - We Ride With Our Flow

Anja Nissen - Never Alone

Anna Noa - Sleepless

Annalisa- Una finestra tra le stelle (

Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase

Anton Ewald- Begging

Baklava - Moon Dance

Ben Ivory - The Righteous Ones

Birgitta Haukdal - Meðal andanna

Bogi - We All

BQL - Heart of Gold

Brequette - Mas

BWO - Lay Your Love On Me

Catalepsia - Damnation

Catarina Pereira - Canta por mim

Catarina Pereira - Mea culpa

Charlotte - The Girl

Christabelle - Kingdom

Club La Perse - My Little Word

Cyndi Almouzni - I’ll leave my heart

Danny Saucedo - Amazing

Danny Saucedo - In The Club

David Bisbal - Corazón Latino

Deuce - I Need You

Dima Bilan & Yulia Volkova - Back In Her Future

Dinah Nah - Make Me (La La La)

Dismissed - Hearts align

Ditte Marie - Overflow

Doinita Gherman - Hei explodeaza

Elina Born - In Or Out

Ellen Benediktson - Songbird

Emma - Circle Of Light

Emmy ft Mihran - Hey!

Eoghan Quigg - The Movie Song

Ermal Meta - Vietato morire

Eva Jacobs - Nothing is Impossible

Freddy Kalas - Feel Da Rush

Gerai gerai and miss sheep - War in the wardrobe

Gigi Radics - Ugy faj

Greta Paia - Paastke Noored Hinged

Greta Zazza - Like I Love You

Helena Paparizou - Survivor

Helene Boksle - Vardlokk

Hera Björk - Someday

Hosszú idők - TOTOVA

Ida Una - One

Isa - I will wait

Janet Leon - Heartstrings

Janice Mangion - Kewkba

Jenny Silver - Something in your eyes

Joanna - Ma Liberte

Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Aninia - En värld full av strider

Kali Briis Band - Idiot

Karin Park - Human Being

Kerli - Spirit Animal

Kostas Martakis - Always and Forever

Laila Samuels - Afterglow

Laing - Wechselt die Beleuchtung

Laing - Zeig dein Muskeln

Lajka - Hungry hearts

Laura - Destiny

Laura - Supersonic

Le Freak - 25 Hours a Day

Leklein - Ouch

Liis Lemsalu - Keep Running

Lindita Halimi - S'te fal

Lisa Ajax - My Heart Wants Me Dead

Lisa Miskovsky - Why Start A Fire

Lolita Zero - Get Frighten

Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me

Loreen - Statements

Magnus Carlsson - Mot Mig i Gamla Stan

Mans - Cara Mia

Mans - Hope and GLory

Margaret - Cool Me Down

Mariette - A million years

Mariette - Don't Stop Believing

Mariza Ikonomi - Kur dashuron

Max Barskih - Dance

Melody - Amante de la Luna (Spain 2009)

Melovin - Wonder

Michael Rune - I wanna be loved

Michele Bravi- Il diario degli errori

Michelle Gayle - You make me ooh

Mick Pedaja - Seis

Mikael Saari - On It Goes

Mikael Saari - We Should Be Through

Mikko Pohjola - Sangyn reunalla

Mirela - Contigo

Molly Pettersson Hammar I'll be fine -

Molly Sanden - Why Am I Crying?

Molly Sanden - Youniverse

Nanne Grönvall - Håll om mig

Nano - Hold On

Nek - Fatti avanti amore

Nuteki - Take My Heart

Opera Skaala - Heart Of Light

Or - Chen Aharoni

Oscar - Zia Human

Pur Pur - We do change

Reidun Saether - High On Love

Robin Bengtsson - Constellation prize

Saara Aalto - No Fear

Sandra Nurmsalu - Kui tuuled pöörduvad

Sanna - I’m in love

Sanna Nielsen - Empty Room

Sarah Dawn Finer - Moving on

Sasa Landero - Mandoline

Satin Circus - Crossroads

Scooter - Jigga Jigga

Sean Bannan - Copacabanana

Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir-"Lífið kviknar á ný

Simone - Heart Shaped Hole

Simone - Stay Awake

Sister Sway - Until You Saved My Life

Spoon 21 - Deák

Tayanna - I Love You

The Hardkiss - Helpless

The Moniker - Oh My God!

Timebelle - Singing About Love

Timoteij - Kom

Tone Damli - Butterflies

Wiktoria - As I Lay Me Down

Wiktoria - Save Me

Winny Puhh - Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti

Yohanna - Nott

Zlata Ognevich - Kukushka

Zoe - Quel Filou

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