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Our 'normal' jury results for Estonia - Home v La Forza

This week our jury made up of 'normal' people (ie not the crazy Eurovision fandom) are reviewing two songs from the country we're all talking about at the moment... Estonia.

The songs they listened to were two fan favourites: 2015 contestant Stig Rasta and his song 'Home' and Elina Netsajeva with the operatic 'La Forza'.

And the winner is....

La Forza

7 votes to 3

Comments about each song below:

La Forza

  • A bit of opera never goes astray. I would like a bit more of a climax somewhere in there, it doesn't quite go where I want it to. I kept waiting for a big beat drop, some real Eurovision cheese, but she held back.

  • Generic Eurovision rip-off

  • Solid dramatic opening. Always a fan of a bit of operatic vocals I have no idea what she is singing about though. Reminds of Latvia in 2015 with Love Injection but slower and not in English - this should be staged simliar. This is a star that lights my way - also a potential winner.

  • It reminds me of cirq du soleil music, which I LOVE!

  • La Forza is incredible!!!

  • At least it's original and could potentially stand out among all of the tripe that will probably be featured this year. Brings me back to those days of classic 90s / early 2000s "techno/pop". Versus are too slow and let the song down. If she sings it well live it will definitely stand out because of the chorus

  • I sat here waiting for the Eurovision to drop in to the song. Nice song, but not something I want to hear at Eurovision.

  • La Forza has more potential for staging and diva action

  • La Forza was awesome but it never quite hit the crescendo I felt it needed. But if it were chosen I think it’d be amazing onstage


  • It's actually my preferred genre of music but it's a bit too basic and common.

  • Great melody with build to chorus easy to sing along to this could be Passenger singing. Can see the crowd hugging and swaying under the flags He gets extra points for referencing GOT I want to live in Stig's home - this could be a winning song

  • Love the lyrics and vibe of Home

  • Home sounds like Ed Sheeran writing for Westlife.

  • I made it to the first chorus of 'Home', and that was enough. It's christian rock. They should be performing it at Hillsong, not Eurovision.

  • Not original, lyrics are shockingly bad. Of all the songs I've reviewed, it's the most monotonous. The fact that "GOT" features in the lyrics highlights how low the bar has fallen regards song writing ability in this day and age.

  • It’s an ok song. One you can sing along too and I imagine turning on the radio and hearing it on the top 40 charts. Your stock standard commercial song that will fade in to the background at Eurovision

  • A bit too "Keith Urban"

  • It’s a cheesy, romantic song that hit all the right notes for me. Home is a song I’ll listen to again and again

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