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Why Tkay Maidza should compete at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'

Takudzwa Victoria Rosa Maidza better known as Tkay Maidza is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter and rapper from Adelaide.

Born in Harare Zimbabwe, as a young child she relocated to Australia with her family in 2001. After high school she went on to study architecture at the University of South Australia before concentrating on her musical career.

She was also a very talented junior tennis player, playing tournaments all over the country. She often credits this sporting background for the tenacity and perseverance she has displayed so far in her musical career.

She came to the attention of Australian audiences as a 17-year-old back in 2013, when her debut single 'Brontosaurus' earwormed its way to national radio airplay on the Triple J network.

Since then, she has produced a number of albums and EPs that have showcased her talents in a variety of different musical styles. Along with her signature hip hop and rapping, her discography shows a wide variety of styles including Trap, Electro and Dance-Pop. She also has extensive live performance experience, playing some of the largest music festivals around the country.

These talents are just the start of the reason why she could be an incredible artist to feature at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'. Let's take a look at all the reasons why I think she is well suited:


Among the many elements of a successful Eurovison artist that Tkay Maidza has shown is her versatility.

Along with her critically acclaimed rapping style, she can actually sing. She may not have the spine-chilling vocal ability of a Dami Im, but she has a good strong pop vocal that would easily fit into a successful Eurovision entry.

She has also shown she can successfully collaborate with other artists and producers. Having already worked with the likes of Troye Sivan, Charlie XCX, Rita Ora and a host of successful producers, Maidza can adapt her style to suit the genre that she is performing, while still bringing her own trademark elements.

International look and visuals

If there is one thing that Maidza has a very good handle on it is delivering a strong and memorable visual throughout her career.

As we have seen in a lot of successful Eurovision acts, understanding the visual aspect of the competition is a key ingredient to making your mark. She has a modern international look that is always on trend and reflective of what is happening, not only in mainstream fashion, but also in the more alternative sub-cultures that her music resonates in.

Since arriving on the scene we’ve seen Maidza embrace a lot of different visual aesthetics. Now as a more mature artist, a project like Eurovision may allow her to focus on the type of image that she wants to project to the world.

A defining image that is distinct and unique to her, her heritage, and the journey that she has had. This could prove be the impetus that leads to her career going to the next level.

Pop with character

Ultimately it is the strength of Maidza’s music that makes her a good Australian candidate for Eurovision.

She brings a style that is not only modern, but it has character. She is almost the epitome of what modern multicultural Australia offers musically: heavily influenced by music from every corner of the globe, but somehow made uniquely Australian.

As Eurovision in the modern era has shown, if you can bring a good song with authenticity, you will be rewarded. It’s this that I see as Maidza’s path to success.

The Role Model

Maidza is a warm and relatable person that would be able to handle the media glare that comes with a competition like Eurovision.

She has some excellent perspectives on societal issues like racism, sexism and navigating the world as a person of colour. Things I think that are very relevant in the Eurovision sphere right now.

Australia has a great record of diversity in our Eurovision artists and having an artist from the African-Australian community would further enhance this. It would also be a great opportunity for young people from these communities see themselves reflected more in popular culture here at home.

You can find out more about Tkay Maidza and check out her music here:

Official website:

Spotify: Artist profile

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