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Which countries are most interested in Eurovision 2024?

With an audience of hundreds of millions, the Eurovision Song Contest has a mass interest not just in Europe, but worldwide.

However, each year some countries take even more of an interest than normal particularly if they have a chance of doing well.

Luckily there is a way we can measure this through Google Trends.

Google Trends tracks how much people are searching content related to Eurovision and produces a score based on a per capita basis.

So who has been most interested in Eurovision in the last 30 days?

Let's take a look at the Top 20 rankings:

  1. Croatia

  2. Greece

  3. Cyprus

  4. Netherlands

  5. Iceland

  6. Lithuania

  7. Sweden

  8. Serbia

  9. Estonia

  10. Israel

  11. Armenia

  12. Finland

  13. Belgium

  14. Slovenia

  15. Bosnia & Herzegovina

  16. Norway

  17. Azerbaijan

  18. Switzerland

  19. Ireland

  20. Latvia

Croatia leads thanks to the hype surrounding Baby Lasagna and his entry 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim' which is second in the odds. The nation hasn't finished in the Top 10 at the Contest since 2001. They are hyped!

Greece and Cyprus followed with The Netherlands. The Dutch have Europapa fever at the moment and this is translating in huge interest in the Contest.

Hosts Sweden are 7th, favourites Switzerland are 18th while Ireland also makes the top 20.

Bosnia & Herzegovina are the highest ranked nation not competing this year.

Australia comes in at no.33 ahead of European nations Bulgaria, Belarus, Czechia, Hungary and


Spain is 22nd, UK is 26th, Germany 29th, Italy 30th and France 31st. The per capita model does often see smaller nations do better than those with large populations.

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