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Which Australian State and Territories searched for Eurovision the most in 2020 ?

Through the power of Google Trends we are able to see which regions of the world and individual countries seek out information on a certain topic.

So naturally we looked at those who searched for the greatest event on the planet - the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although there wasn't an actual contest this year (which did impact search volumes significantly) there were still spikes of search activity around certain national finals, cancellation, the virtual events in May and of course, the Eurovision movie.

Search trends take into account population, so if Tasmania had as much volume as Victoria they would be way in front based on their smaller size - basically it's done per capita.

So taking a look at Australia which State or Territory searched for Eurovision the most?

Drum roll......


Per capita they searched out the contest more than anyone else, an impressive victory considering their large population size.

Australian Capital Territory (who was no.1 in 2019) was next with South Australia in third.

Full rankings with 2019 rankings in brackets:

  1. Victoria (2)

  2. Australian Capital Territory (1)

  3. South Australia (4)

  4. Tasmania (3)

  5. New South Wales (6)

  6. Western Australia (7)

  7. Queensland (5)

  8. Northern Territory (8)

And what about cities?

  1. Canberra (1)

  2. Melbourne (2)

  3. Adelaide (4)

  4. Gold Coast (3)

  5. Perth (7)

  6. Sydney (5)

  7. Brisbane (6)

Canberra did give the ACT a victory over Victoria by cities, but Melbourne took out the prize among our major cities.

One consistent story is the drop of interest from Queensland compared to 2019. Perhaps since Kate Miller-Heidke, who is from the State, drummed up interest last year?

It's not all bad news for the Sunshine state however. If we look at ratings from 'Eurovision: Australia Decides' this year Brisbane came out on top with 2.8% of the population tuning in followed by Melbourne 2.3% and Sydney 1.8%. But of course, the event being held in Queensland surely helped matters there.

Overall it was a positive year for engagement from Australia, among countries of the world, we came in at no.34 - up from no.39 in 2019.


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