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Which 2021 songs did fans vote for in the ESC250 poll?

The results for the annual poll of Eurovision fan's favourite songs of all time #ESC250 are not too far away now.

In each ESC250, the songs of that year's Contest always make a huge impact in the countdown.

Despite last year's Contest being cancelled, 17 Eurovision 2020 songs featured in the top 250 with Diodato's 'Fai rumore' from Italy reaching the Top 10 in 8th place. The year before in the 2019 poll, four songs from Tel Aviv made the Top 10.

How will Eurovision fans respond this year? Will songs from Eurovision 2021 make a huge impact on the poll?

We decided to explore!

Back in late November we went through 400 sets of votes, from fans, shared on social media.

We found the following:

  • Nearly two-thirds of the voters featured a Eurovision 2021 song in their Top 10

  • Over 450 votes were cast for Eurovision 2021 songs

  • Over 3000 points were awarded to Eurovision 2021 songs (that's nearly 13% of the potential points)

  • 18% of people (73 out of 400) gave their douze points to a Eurovision 2021 song

Which songs did they vote for?

Calculating the points given by fans these were the Top 5 songs:

1. Måneskin - 'Zitti e buoni' (Italy) - 739 points

The Italian band who won this year's Eurovision Song Contest and have now taken over the world are easily one of the most popular songs in the our analysis, period.

Collecting 739 points, Måneskin received points from 23% of voters we analysed and scored 15% of the potential points they could achieve.

There is no doubt they will come out in front as the most popular Eurovision 2021 song in this year's #ESC250.

Will they beat Loreen's 'Euphoria'? Well we will have to wait and see! In our analysis when voters had 'Zitti e buoni' in their top 10, half of the voters gave the song either 12 or 10 points! Måneskin would be Loreen's toughest competition to date!

2. Go_A - 'Shum' (Ukraine) - 519 points

Next up in are the Eurovision 2021 televote runner-ups Go_A.

'Shum' is truly admired by the fandom, they scored 519 points with 19% of voters analysed giving Go_A points, with 13% of those voters giving it their 12 points.

Last year their Eurovision 2020 song 'Solovey' finished in 120th place in the ESC250 countdown. Expect 'Shum' to smash that with a possible top 10 finish.

3. Barbara Pravi - 'Voilà' (France) - 398 points

Another strong favourite with the fandom, this year's Eurovision 2021 runner-up 'Voilà' finishes 3rd in our analysis, with 398 points. 13% of voters awarded Barbara Pravi points and 20% of them gave her douze points. With such an unforgettable performance expect 'Voilà' to also land very highly in this years ESC250 poll.

4. Gjon's Tears - 'Tout l'univers' (Switzerland) - 196 points

It is no surprise to see this years Eurovision 2021 jury winner Gjon's Tears with 'Tout l'univers' among one of the highest 2021 entries. Last year Gjon's Tears' Eurovision 2020 song 'Repondez-Moi' place in 31st spot in the 2020 ESC250 poll and it's to be expected that this will finish very high as well.

5. Hurricane - 'Loco Loco' (Serbia) - 125 points

This Serbian girl group may have finished in 15th place in the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final, but in our analysis they come in a very high fifth place. In last year's ESC250 their song 'Hasta La Vista' made it to No. 142. Based on our analysis we can expect them to make an even bigger impact in this year's poll!

The rest of the Top 20 is below:

6. Blind Channel - 'Dark Side' (Finland) - 117 points

7. Senhit - 'Adrenalina' (San Marino) - 109 points

8. Tix - 'Fallen Angel' (Norway) - 90 points

9. Destiny - 'Je me casse' (Malta) - 83 points

10. Manizha - 'Russian Woman' (Russia) - 73 points

11. Daði og Gagnamagnið - '10 Years' (Iceland) - 66 points

12. Victoria - 'Growing Up Is Getting Old' (Bulgaria) - 62 points

13. Fyr & Flamme - 'Øve os på hinanden' (Denmark) - 51 points

14. Roxen - 'Amnesia' (Romania) - 49 points

15. Natalia Gordienko - 'Sugar' (Moldova) - 47 points

16. Montaigne - 'Technicolour' (Australia) - 38 points

17. Efendi - 'Mata Hari' (Azerbaijan) - 34 points

18. The Roop - 'Discoteque' (Lithuania) - 31 points

19. Lesley Roy - 'Maps' (Ireland) - 30 points

20. Elena Tsagrinou - 'El Diablo' (Cyprus) - 26 points

Overall we found votes for 31 of the 39 songs among the 400 votes we analysed.

So far revealed that 23 Eurovision 2021 songs made it to the final #ESC250 list.

Will the above be the final result?

You will have to wait and see this New Year's Eve for the ESC250 countdown on ESC Radio.


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