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Voyager produce Te Deum remix for the EBU

Overnight, announced that Australia's own Voyager had produce special remix for their YouTube account.

The mix is used for the YouTube Premiere countdowns on the Eurovision account (that many of us are used to hearing while waiting for special announcement videos!).

The remix is designed to be a slow build to develop anticipation with Danny from Voyager telling the EBU:

"For Voyager, creating the new YouTube premiere countdown music for the EBU is an absolute compositional highlight. To be able to forge the original Te Deum theme with some beautiful ambient sounds, ‘80s synths, soaring Floyd-esque guitars and a ramping of suspense was very special. It's a nod to ESCs past, present and future and it elicits that warm feeling of anticipation that we all know and love: "it's Eurovision time"!"

Voyager has been busy since Eurovision preparing for their Australian tour this month while they are also due to tour Europe in October this year.

All dates and details can be found at:

The band also played a free concert at Optus Oval in Perth for WA Day over the weekend.

For more information on Voyager including tour dates, merch and more head to


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