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Vote: What is Australia's best ever Eurovision song?

We want to find out what the best ever Australian Eurovision song is and we need your help.

We're looking for you to pick your Top 10 songs and vote for them in the traditional Eurovision scoring of 12 points down to 1.

But "wait" we hear you say, "there's only been six Australian entries, how can we vote for 10?"

Well for this poll we want to look at the Australian Eurovision entries since 2015, plus Aussies like Gina G, Olivia Newton-John and more, who have competed for other nations as well as the 18 songs from 'Australia Decides' who didn't make the Eurovision stage.

Sadly, we are leaving out 'Sea of Flags' from 2014 as we're only looking at songs that have competed in the Contest or the national selections.

And make sure you follow us on our social channels to find out the results in the next week or so. All links via:


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