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Update: Eurovision 2021 - What we know so far

Moving into the latter half of the year we are that *little* bit closer to Eurovision 2021 - admittedly still over 10 months, but to recap we've taken a look at all the information we know so far for next years contest:

Where will it be held?

It has been confirmed that the 2021 contest will take place in the venue that was to be this year’s venue, the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

When will it be held?

The dates for the 2021 contest have been confirmed. They are as follows (local time):

1st Semi-Final Jury show: Monday evening 17 May 2021

1st Semi-Final Family show: Tuesday afternoon 18 May 2021

1st Semi-Final Live show: Tuesday evening 18 May 2021

2nd Semi-Final Jury show: Wednesday evening 19 May 2021

2nd Semi-Final Family show: Thursday afternoon 20 May 2021 

2nd Semi-Final Live show: Thursday evening 20 May 2021

Grand Final Jury show: Friday evening 21 May 2021

Grand Final Family show: Saturday afternoon 22 May 2021

Grand Final Live show: Saturday evening 22 May 2021

What happens with tickets?

Tickets for the 2020 contest will remain valid for 2021.

For example: If you have booked for the 1st Semi-Final Jury show 2020, your ticket(s) will be valid for the 1st Semi-Final Jury show in 2021.

The window to receive a refund for tickets has now passed - it appears there will not be another refund period. For people who applied it can take 4 to 6 weeks before you receive your money back on your credit card or on the bank account you used to pay for your ticket(s).

What happens with the songs and artists from 2020?

As previously announced, no songs from the 2020 contest will be allowed to be entered in the 2021 contest, and next year’s songs can’t be released before 1st September this year.

Many national broadcasters have also confirmed that they will be sending their 2020 representatives again next year. Currently, a total of 18 artists have been confirmed to be returning in 2021.

They are:

What happens with COVID-19?

As we reported in our last update, the Dutch broadcasters and the EBU are working on a number of plans to ensure that the 2021 contest will happen. What they will look like will still depend on the COVID-19 situation over the next 6-12 months.

It’s still unclear what those plans look like at this stage, but we will bring you more news as it comes to light.

New rule changes?

Yes, the EBU made a few changes to the rules to ensure the contest’s future.

The Reference Group has decided on a one year trial basis to lift the ban of backing vocals from the backing tracks. According to the Eurovision website, they did this to ‘offer participating broadcasters the possibility to explore new creative ideas, to travel with a smaller delegation for 2021 and reduce the technical burdens on the Host Broadcaster.’

The use of recorded backing vocals will be entirely optional, with a combination of live and recorded backing vocals also allowed. All lead vocals still need to be performed live.

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