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'Uno' completes the class of 2020 - Russia releases final song for Eurovision

Last week after months of silence the Russian broadcaster announced the self-proclaimed 'satirical art collaboration' Little Big to represent them in Rotterdam. Overnight they finally dropped their Eurovision track 'Uno' with a cracking and characteristic video clip. With the reveal of Russia's entry we now have all 41 songs for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest!

The band draws from a wide range of influences with anything from rave, punk-pop, rap and even a dash of folk. Thriving on creating quirky, clickable videoclips and iconic dance moves they've gained strong local and international success touring Europe and North America. Their biggest hit SKIBIDI has wracked up 369 million views on Youtube with a further 61 million if you include the views from their own spin-off version SKIBIDI (Romantic Edition).

It's hard to look past the bands unique, funny and sometimes vulgar antics - they don't take themselves too seriously and will be a unique addition to the lineup are Eurovision this year. We are almost guaranteed one heck of a stage show with this catchy number.

Just in case anyone else wasn't sure on the band members, here you go:

  • Sergey Makarov - DJ, backing vocals, sound producer

  • Ilya Prusikin  - vocals

  • Sonya Tayurskaya - vocals

  • Anton Lissov - vocals, guitar

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